Friday, August 3, 2012


Or should I say that 'Di' went shopping
and so she will now share her newest purchases with you!!!!

First was the Quilt shop--
I had preordered the new Creative Grids ruler and the Best press--
you do notice the color of the Best press don't you--
it needs to match my bedroom--now don't it??
what??? you see another item in the picture!!

Needed to get a bit more fabric from the Anni Downs Christmas line--
as I still have more panels to do!!!
Now we are talking--these are my real Christmas colors---
Just some stash builders--
the two smaller rolled ones are for my Civil war collection!!!
And just look at this print--
how cute it is--
is this a duck or a gull????????
I did go back today and got some bright yellow to go with this one!!!
and now I want to go back tomorrow for another print I seen that is new--
that one I want to make an apron out of it--
we will  have to see?????

I did buy some yarn at the yarn shop--
it was 4 skeins of the 'kid mohair'--
an orange one for a started shawl and an ivory one for a started shawl--
and two pretty pink ones to 'start' another shawl!!!!!

Then I stopped at the Country shoppe--
and looky what followed me home--
a 'stray' cat!!!
But she looks so nice with this little black rocker!!!

During the night I kept hearing alot of 'chatter' our here--
and in the morning I was told by the green chair next to the little rocker--
that it was very jealous that it did not have a pretty rug--
we had to do something about that--
now didn't we?????
I think the 'cats' are taking over!!!!!!!
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie


  1. Those cat rugs are just brilliant!!! Love them!!! No wonder you got two!!! Nice fabric purchases, look forward to seeing that apron with the birds on it, very cute print!!!!

  2. I love the braided cat rugs! How cute. I'm going to show up on your doorstep some day, and You'll have to take me to all your wonderful shopping spots.

  3. Definitely a fun day.
    Love those kitty mats and the little duck/gulls in their rain gear.

  4. Definitely Norwegian sea gulls in their summer outfit!!
    Love the rugs!

  5. awww the kitty cats are so cute!!! xxx


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