Monday, August 27, 2012


I am not lost--
Just been busy!!!!!!!!
We had a rummage sale here at the apartments on Saturday--
so last week was a work/clean/sort out kind of week--
I got--
these cute little rug dollies --all for $2.00--
and these DVDs for 25 cents each!!!
and this cute box was free!!!!!
and we had a beautiful day for the sale and was done by noon!!!

Sunday I had to go and spend my rummage money--
sure don't want it to 'burn' a hole in my purse!!!!!
First went up on the Hill--to the antique store--
and found this delightful old treasure--
It is really in good shape--
I just love this suitcase--was $8.00!!!!
it will be a home for one of my craft hand work supplies--
and is this not cute--
have wanted one for a long time--
but they were for the larger glasses--
but this one is perfect--
I believe these glasses are about 6 oz size--
and I love those flowers on them--
this was $10.00!!!!

Then stopped at the SPCA thrift store and found this--
a neat basket--
the lady that was working there, told me it has belonged to her mother--
and she was so happy to see me buy it--it was $12.00!!

then stopped at the Country shop and walked out with this--

I do think this 'yellow' bird will go nicely with the set of glasses that I got--
in the spring--will use the wire rack in other decorating until then--
is it spring yet???????

Hugs, Di and her fur ball--miss gracie


  1. Cool goodies!!! You can hide all kinds of things in the suitcase and the basket. Secret fabric stashes.
    Have fun with those new treats.

  2. You do find a lot of treasures in your shops! Now don't tease miss Gracie with that cute bird!
    Hope you have another fun day today.

  3. You got yourself some lovely goodies there!! Love the woven basket!!!!


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