Wednesday, August 15, 2012


what has gotten into my Mom--
I know that I love to lay around-- and nap--
but Mom is tearing into things around here--
she even had my 'potty' house out in the hall way today--
she took down the shower curtains and washed them--
along with a load of her bed sheets and towels--
then she took everything out of the bathroom that wasn't bolted down--
and cleaned it and then washed the floor--
watching her work was just tooo much for me--
I had to go back to bed!!!!
then she decorated the walls--
how mind you it has been 15 months--
yep---15 months ago, that she gave the bathroom that shower--
and they had to take everything down to wipe it all dry--
but finally here is the new look--
and instead of the clock just laying on top of my 'potty' house--
it now also hangs on the wall--
and while she was doing the laundry down in the laundry room--
she was 'creating' flowers--
and she got '3' done this week ( she only got some basted last week!!!)
so she was a busy bee today--
she says it is because she is eating/enjoying a Klondie ice cream bar every evening!!!!!
Crazy mom!!!!!!
Hugs, Miss Gracie


  1. What a busy mom! I think a reward of a Klondike bar was exactly the right thing. Very pretty flowers.

  2. I wondered what Mom was up to .... I feel exhausted, too, Ms Gracie, after reading about it all. What a shame we can't get that icecream here, a real energy bar :)
    Pretty flowers!

  3. WOW!!! Your Mum has been going crazy cleaning Miss Gracie and she also managed to stitch some pretty flowers too.

  4. OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just made me tired reading about all that cleaning. Plus you made me feel guilty about finishing my bathroom.
    Suppose I had better get busy.

  5. Gracie, Just ignore her. There's nothing you but purr on her lap when she finally sits down. Besides I like what she's done. And those hexie flowers are really pretty.

    The "prove you're not a robot" things are getting too hard. I have to try 4 or 5 times to leave a post.

  6. Dear Miss Gracie, sometimes humans do get themselves into a flurry of activity, nothing to be alarmed about, things will settle down again soon LOL!! I do like her little hexie flowers though!!!!


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