Tuesday, August 21, 2012


For some time now I have wanted to change the 'walls' that show off my Hitty doll--
but you know it goes--
it just didn't happen--
until today--
I just didn't seem to be able to come up with the right piece of fabric for covering the wall area on this shelf in the china desk--
today--I just said to myself--
there just has got to be something in my stash that will work--
and I found 3-4 to try and this one seemed to be the winner!!!!
and it goes perfect with the little quilt on her lap!!!!
and believe it or not---?????
this is really the only thing I did accomplish today!!!

It was 'visitor' day here at the 'cottage'--
(tired of saying 'apartment' and dreaming of having a cottage---
so will turn this place into a cottage as much as I can??)
As it was Tuesday--it was my Anne's day to come and quilt--
I am now working on another border area for hand quilting on the quilt that I have been working on this month!!

then after lunch another friend, Sarah came by for a couple hour visit!!!

then it was nap time and after the nap, I am working really hard at going for a good mile to a mile and half walk--so off I went--
and the pictures in this post is some from todays walk!!!
this is the brick that is on the walk around down by the lake!!
And here is some more pictures of that stone wall we have--
these are HUGE boulders--
Stacked up--
to make this break wall and a place for people to walk on!!!!
you should of lived here when they were 'setting' these rocks in--
let me tell you--it rocked and shook the whole town!!!!
the picture of the lake tonight--
a bit rough--but real pretty blue!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. Pretty fabric. Does look nice. I am sure your home has that feeling of a lovely cottage! Oh how fun to have company. You do seem to live in such a beautiful part of the country!Would love to walk around there some!Too humid here and bugs. I will try to walk again come fall.

  2. The new walls look really nice. I am sure she is happy with her new space. The water looks so pretty and blue. Almost looks cool out there.

  3. You've created a lovely setting for your Hitty doll!!! Again, enjoyed your photos!!!


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