Monday, August 6, 2012


I did it--
made it to the sewing room today--
and cause miss gracie had not put away the duck fabric and it sat on top of the cutting table--
we decided to 'tackle' it first--
and in about hour and half--
we came up with this---
I still don't really know if these are ducks or sea gulls--
so I have decided they are 'ducks'!!!!
Here is the inside fabric--
Found this piece in the sale room--goes great with it!!!
and  on one side of it--I made 3 pockets--
I love pockets on everything!!!

Also got a small order in today in the mail--
from Missouri Star--
The 4.5 ruler was on sale and I have wanted to try this new kind with the rotary cutting sharpener on the edge of it--
has anyone tried these yet and do they work????
and yes those are the pink polka dotted scissors--have wanted them for a long time---
why???? have no idea--just did!!!!!
had also wanted the little tin in pink--
they had to send me the blue one--
did you notice in the top photo all the things that come inside this little tin box--
and aren't those tiny scissors a 'hoot'?????
and there is an apron patter--
I seem to keep collection apron patterns--
maybe some day I will actually make some?????

And on the knitting homefront--
I got a hat finished to go with those striped gloves I made--
So I have been busy--always have something in my hands working on it!!!

Have a great Tuesday everyone--
Hugs,Di and that darn cat--
Miss Gracie


  1. Maybe they are gucks??? The bag is very cute and pockets are always a good thing. They is pretty too and I bet it will look even prettier in January.

  2. Look like seagulls to me...LOL
    Love the bag with the lovely yellow.
    Nice hat too.

  3. I love the bag! Turned out very nice :) I have one of those tins too... and I think it is pink! xx

  4. You have been very creative with your new bag, and the more I look at that fabric the more I see seagulls, LOL!!! either way nice job with this! Love your little purchases, I have that very same little blue polka-dot box and scissors, but I think I may have given the scissors to someone as a gift, they are very cute! Haven't tried the new blade sharpening ruler, let us know what you think of it Di! Also love the apron pattern too, such a classic design!!!


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