Saturday, August 18, 2012


I did a funny thing last night--
first I got into this book--
read some before bed--
then an hour later, Miss Gracie got me up--
and out I came and I got my usual midnight snack--
two rice cakes with peanut butter in between and sat and read some more!!!
back to bed--
an hour or so later--
was up again and back out here--reading!!!!
back to bed for an hour or so--
and back out here reading--
finished the book about 4:30am--good reading!!!
See--I keep telling you I am a bit on the 'nutty' side????

Here is a picture of my socks--
Now what is that they are laying on?????
Please don't let it be another quilt book?????
Oh, Dear--it is???
now you know what this means, don't you!!?????
more work!!!!
but I got it for 20% off today and the shop paid the sales tax!!!
do you see who it is by--Bareroots--Barri Sue Gaudet--
great holiday ideas in this!!!!

and to all my loyal 'fans'--
I have shorten the download for you by allowing only '4' days of post to show on a page instead of the normal '7'--
and I turned off that 'robot proving thingy"--
I had it off--have no idea how it got turned back on--
sorry for that!!!!

Have a great day tomorrow--
Hugs,Di and her fur ball!!!!


  1. You are so funny! It must have been a great book:) I love Bareroots... I will have to look for that book. It looks cute!

  2. Don't you just love a good book that you cant put down!! Your socks look very snuggly :-) I like the look of your Christmas book too - her projects are lovely.

  3. Hmmmm don't know which book sounds more interesting the novel or the Christmas patterns.
    Not enough hours in a day!!!
    Love the cute socks.

  4. That looks like a pretty good book! And the socks look very cozy. Now get some sleep.

  5. That book MUST have been a great read to be getting back to it through the night LOL!!! I had to laugh, my favourite snack is a rice cake with peanut-butter on it too, how weird!!!


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