Friday, August 10, 2012


I guess it 'pays' to be in pain!!!
Literally --
I am having a reaction to some kind of 'chemical' based product--
smell that is in the air--
which has resulted in severe face pain for me--
and some coughing spells for Miss Gracie--
looky here--
remember these Northwoods blocks that I started as a bom at my local quilt shop--
ahhhh--at least year and half ago???
welll--today I got no.5 finished--
Plus I have done alittle bit on the no.6 one---
but only cause I did not want to do the canoe on it--
so--I did it and now I no longer have to sweat that one!!!!
Just do all the rest of the stitching is allllllllll??????

Then I also got this one finished today--
This is a Bird Brain design and came on the sticky sheet that you just press to your fabric--
I have not washed off this thin sheet stuff yet--but it is all stitched--
two other designs came with this one--
was going to do all three in black--
but have decided to do the next one in a variegated colored thread-
time will tell!!!!

I also got another shawl knitted and back yesterday from the 'blocker'--
first remember this one that I knitted last summer--
this is a Stephen West pattern--
and I did another this summer--
these shawls are just lovely to wear--
Now when I laid out the top one for some reason I noticed a 'dropped' stitch--
oh, my--and I had been wearing it alot last winter--
can't believe it did not make a big hole--
so went to fix it and realized I was out of that yarn--
but then a lightblub went off--
and  I grabbed this notebook--
and flipped it open to this page--
and there was a nice length of the yarn--
fixed the stitch and still have some to put back--
just in case?????
this note book hold samples of my yarns in my stash--
along with some patterns that I may use with the yarn--
it is so helpful!!!!

And I found this book downstairs on the table and brought it up and read it--
nice shortie chapters and some great reading!!!!

Well--the only other news is that the NASCAR people and fans are in town--
thousands of them--
so I am staying right here for the next couple days!!!!!!

OH my I just realized something--
It is-----

so what are your plans for the week end??????  

Hugs, and smiles--Di and miss gracie


  1. Sorry to hear you are having face pain. That is no fun! I am amazed you were able to stitch and look what all you got done. Wow, I am
    impressed! They are really cute stitcheries. Love the one from Bird Brain. I'm about through with their
    scarecrow in the wheelbarrow with pumpkins and sunflowers. I am addicted to transfer-ez. Sure makes stitching much easier. Hope you and Miss Gracie will soon feel better.
    Do take care. Nola

  2. You give new meaning to "No pain, no gain." Well done, they all look really nice. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Hope you feel better soon. Those stitcheries are nice.
    You do have some good ideas, Di - I keep patterns in a folder, but now I am going to put in a length of yarn for repairs etc.
    Hope you and miss Gracie have a good weekend.

  4. Sorry to hear you are experiencing pain due to some chemical, I hope it doesn't last too long, poor little Miss Gracie too, not nice for her either!! Your shawls are lovely as are your stitcheries!!! Take care!

  5. Love your stitcheries but don't love your pain! Hope you are better soon xxxx


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