Wednesday, September 12, 2012


My brother and my sister in law was here today from Tampa, Fl visiting--
and I was educating them on what "blogsites" where and what all you did on a site--
and how many I had--
and in doing so --
I guess one came up--

so here we are to add something to it--
and as today is Flower Wednesday--
and I did not get new ones sewed--
here is some photos from ones taken a couple days ago--
what ever will I photograph this winter when all the flowers are gone--
by the way--
a bit bout my brother--
because he took care of my father and mother pretty much from high graduation until their deaths--
so there for  he kinda got stuck doing work working all his life--I asked him today, what he would of liked to have done with his life if he had been given a choice --
and his answer surprised me--
he said he would of liked to have been a photographer and maybe a journalist!!!
my mouth dropped open--cause that has always been my dream too--
and we both wanted to photograph the same things--houses!!!!
How cool is that??????
Love you little brother and sisterinlaw!!!
Hugs,Di and miss gracie


  1. LOL! what an interesting post.

  2. It's still an interesting post, although a little wordier now. How interesting that you and Bro had the same interests. My DH and his much older sister weren't in the same house for long, but when they got together as older adults, they were suprised at their shared interests.

  3. Glad you guys got to have some good old conversation time together. And I love snow pictures and we don't get much so I expect you to keep me up to date.

  4. It's never too late! Interesting, my sister and I weren't raised together, me being 10 years older and a divorce in the picture, yet now, as adults, we are so much alike and have so many of the same interests. She doesn't quilt, though!

  5. My baby brother is much younger and doesn't remember me as anything but his married sister. We don't see much of one another but at a time when either Mom or Dad was in the hospital baby brother and I were left at the house to do the cleaning needed before they came home. We found that we cleaned house together like we had done it for years -- moving like well-oiled machines. Guess it is something in our "genes."


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