Wednesday, September 26, 2012


In all his glory--
is finished---

See---got the binding done on it today--
the hand quilting has been done for awhile now---
and I love the fabric I put on the back--

Love these vintage kids eating all the sweets!!!
and my 'model' holder today is--Marge  age 95 +--
and is my Anne's mom!!!
she is dear---

and I also worked on this project today--
Chookyblues SAL for this year---
I have another panel of blocks prepped--
This one--
I also have alot of the pattern pieces cut and ready for the other 2 strips---
Fun fun fun!!!!

and I did do some counted cross stitch late this after noon!!!
by the way--isn't it someone else's turn for me to pass these allergies off toooooo--
I am getting 'sick' of being 'sick'!!!!!

and as today is flower Wednesday--
and I did not get any hexie's made--
I will show you some more photos from yesterdays walk--ok????
Hugs, Di and Miss gracie


  1. Well done on finishing Brutus - the quilt looks great!! My Brutus is in a cupboard but I must pull him out!! Hope those allergies settle down soon and you're back feeling un-mushed again!

  2. good to see your working on your SAL............I have been out in the sewing shed working on mine too.........

  3. Brutus is beautiful! I love stitching Brutus blocks, but have only done a few. It came out great. I enjoy stitching and making quilts from those blocks, but am never quite sure how to quilt them. Can't tell from your picture what you did inside the Brutus blocks. Any advice?

  4. Brutus is wonderful! Great job as usual! Sorry you are still having allergy issues. I pop that pill everyday and cross my fingers it will keep workn!!

  5. OOOOH--I love Brutus. Wish I had time to get busy on mine. Your photos are gorgeous as usual.
    Feel better!!!

  6. Congratulations on finishing Brutus. I still have some blocks to finish embroidering. Wonder if I'll ever get it done. Yours is so lovely.


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