Monday, September 10, 2012


I have been looking for some kind of older doll bed--
or cradle to display my hand made doll size quilts in--
and last week one day ---
I found it--
and the price was right--$10.00--
and then I discovered a couple treasures about
when I got it home---
See that patch on the head piece--
Here is a close up--
Holly Hobbie no less--what a sweet scene!!!
and then when I turned it over--
I found this--
this cradle is 37 years old--
I am so glad that someone thought to put this label on the bottom--
it does give some history to the cradle!!!

and this is the way the lake looked yesterday (Sunday) afternoon--
I was so excited--lots of sail boats here at the end of the lake--
usually they are way out on the lake---

Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. What a treasure! Your little quilts will be very happy. And your sailboat pictures are beautiful! Are you planning to take up sailing? If so, I'll be on my way to visit.

  2. How lucky were you to find such a perfect old cradle for your doll quilts...

    Great photo of the lake and boats...

  3. How cute!! Who is the lucky dolly that gets to snuggle up in it? That picture of the marina makes me want to go take a walk. Hurry up fall weather.

  4. Great find... I have a cradle out in the garage... maybe I should bring it inside! Looks like a beautiful September sky above the lake!


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