Saturday, September 1, 2012


OK--lets do the happy dance around the room and back again!!!

OH--why are we doing a happy dance????

because it is-------
And someone needs to be 'happy' about it---
(besides all the mothers who have 'children' who will be back in school!!!)
yesterday was 'pay' day --
and Di went shopping--
Had to go to the Quilt shoppe for a Birthday gift for my Anne--
and it was the last day of the 20% off all summer long that I had earned--

Is this Chicken pattern not, cute??????
and look at that fat quarter pack of Halloween prints--
I love that first one with the 'eyes' on it--????

and got these two for some fall projects too!!!
these where about $11.00 a yard=$8.80 a yard--
there is one yard of the purple
(and  yes Alice that is 'purple'!!!!)
 and half yard of the orange print!!!
Then I ended up in her sale room--
These 3 pieces where on sale at $3.00 at yard--got a couple yards of each--
cause they only cost me $2.60 a yard!!!!
and this 'pile' was at $5.00, a yard=$4.00 a yard--
and again got more than a yard of each--
was good timing to get longer pieces for backings--
or borders,,, or what ever!!!!
Oh and yes -- I did get Anne's ruler and a Quilt Sampler magazine!!!!
Then I did stop at  the yarn shop and picked up a couple skeins of sock yard I had set aside--
then it was to the Country shop--
and I made someone really happy there--
Meet 'Webster'--the spider--
He was tired of living in a plastic bag all crunched up--
now he has a new home!!!
and yes the fall garland of pip berries is new--
as well as this--
There is a story behind this moon---
This was the 3rd year that she has put this single moon and crow out---
the first year I wanted it--but did not buy it--
the second year I really wanted it--but did not buy it---
yesterday I walk through the door and there it sat on the first fall display--
that was it--I walked over and picked it up and said--it is about time you went home with me!!!!!!
End of story!!!!!

Well enough of 'spending' money on this post today---!!!!!!!
I am still working on the cleaning and reorganizing the apartment--
it is coming slowly, but I do like how it is coming out--soooooo!!!!!!

Hope you all have a great week end--
Happy dance away!!!!
and a great start to the month of September!!!!!
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie


  1. OK,yes, you did have a very fun shopping spree and I caught that purple chunk pretty quick. They are all pretty--you are going to be a busy girl.

  2. You DID have fun at the shops didn't you!!! You're looking forward to Autumn and we're looking forward to Spring! Have fun with your new goodies, take care and a big cuddle to Miss Gracie!!!


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