Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Me and Thelma, a neighbor went and seen this movie on Sunday afternoon--
it really is sweet movie for old folks--everybody is just great in their parts--
so go see it today!!!!

Ok--time for some photos of my favorite "treasure' shoppe--
now is that not one nice looking 'pig'????
This building is called the 'old iron building'--and has been her for many many years--
this building comes to a point here in the front and that is a busy street/road behind it--
and look another pig greets you as you walk inside!!!
and there is our Sherman with a customer--or he's hoping she will be a customer!!!
I love that old phone sign on his wall--if I had an old farm house I would have that!!!
Hi Sherman--don't look now--but all my friends are reading all about you!!!!!!
This is one of the shops where alot of my furniture came from last year!!!
Now wasn't that a 'ducky' show and tell story????
(these ducks where sleeping and sunning themselves on this rock in the lake on Sunday!!!
(don't worry--I only took 136 photos on Sunday alone!!!!)
so stayed tuned for maybe more!!!

Wait you say I am a quilter and you haven't seen any quilting lately???
well--I have been working on handquilting a quilt --and it is almost done--
so hang in there!!!!
Hugs,Di and miss gracie


  1. Hope miss G stayed quiet during the movie!! I will rent it at this local place,for sure,as joining into the old folks category :-)
    Looking forward to seeing you quilt!

  2. What a nice place to visit. I can certainly see why you bought furniture there before. Thanks for taking us on a field trip. And yes, I would like to see more pictures. :-)

  3. Sweetie and I saw the movie and loved it -- definitely a movie for "mature" audiences (and we do qualify) We also saw The Strange Life of Timothy Green (or something like that) and enjoyed it.


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