Saturday, September 22, 2012


Webster up to?????
Oh you have takin a liking to Zen tea--
Oh, yep it is good for relieving sinus pressure!!!
Oh--it's not for you!!!
Ahhh--yes I do believe that 'Di' has needed a couple three cups of that brew the last couple days!!!!
and yes it has helped her alot!!!
And now what do you have there????
I did not know that you could cook???
OH--I see--you just 'love' thinking about food!!!
Now this one looked like a good one--
and it does have some good sounding recipes in it--
way too many call for a 'can' of soup!!!
and if you are using a 'can' of soup--
it has to make more that 2 servings--
and I don't do canned soup!!!!

Now we are talking--
two of the gals in my knitting classes uses this book and just loves it--
so I sure don't want to be left out of the crowd!!!
Oh--you ask me 'when'  I will mixing up a batch--

Ok--I know I already 'broke' one of my new rules--
that I would not start another new shawl pattern until the two that are left on the needles are finished--
But I have a good reason for starting a new one!!!!
or at least it sounded good yesterday!!!
You see I had a terrible sinus head full yesterday and I needed something really really simple to do--
and the yarn had to be a bit thicker than the pink shawl that is on one set of needles--
I did finally find this one --the and it has fit the bill--
so there you have it!!!!!  My story!!!!
And looky here--Ms.Bear is taking time to smell the flowers!!!!
are you taking some time to do that this week end????
Even Miss Gracie is in the window--
smelling the Autumn air and watching the leaves start to fall--

Hugs,Di and miss gracie and Webster!!!!!!


  1. Cool cup for your tea!!!! Webster seems to be quite busy lately. I do hope he gets along with Miss Gracie, she sure is growing into a gorgeous girl.

  2. I hope your sinus trouble clears up quickly.
    There's always a good reason to start a new project! That will be a nice and warm shawl and great for the colder weather on its way.
    Looks like ms Gracie is enjoying the view.
    Hugs to you both :)

  3. We are 2 here but we cook for more! So C can have leftovers for lunch or to feed drop ins! Seems to be something here in the air working on heads. Fall allergy triggers. Hope you feel better soon enjoy your cuppas and Web and Miss Grace to comfort you...;-)

  4. Love your Brutus! I do so hope someday I get my little embroideries done.


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