Saturday, September 8, 2012


Ahhhh--Di--did you say Windmill???
Yep--the Windmill--it is an Amish farmer's market, plus!!!
It was a Senior's trip and there was 3 van loads of us old folks to go--
all women--!!!!!
this is the alley of shops looking north--
and this is the other end looking south--
there is shops on both sides--
and then there is 2 large building and a 3rd building that is super large--
so lots and lots of things to look and to tempt your wallet!!!!
along with lots of food booths!!!!
Oh my don't look now--
but "look" at what is over my head---eekkkkk!!!!
and here is one for my friend Alice with purple on his legs!!!!!
believe it or not -- this is the basket booth--
and I always have to come here--
I got the cutest little wood doll bench there--
and a cute fall basket!!!!
and I always have to stop at the Fabric booth--
today I got these 4 fat quarters--don't you love that feather one ?????
the 2 prints are cute too--one is chickens and one is fall with crows--
then the other one is just an orange print for my fall stash!!!!
and it wouldn't be a windmill trip if I did not buy a couple new coasters!!!
and have one of these--
Auntie Ann's pretzel--just a plain salted one--thank you!!!
and I ate the whole thing!!!!!

Later I was sitting on a bench 'people' watching--
Loved these 2 cute angels--
and there smiling mom!!!!
Then I seen this stroller--
with 2 very shy 20 month old twins--
the man and his wife are these angels foster parents right now--
and she told me these two angels had been very abused--
so where having a hard time around other people!!!
I believe this couple in there mid 60's or older are also grown up angels!!!

And how do you like this T-Shirt??????
I got so excited when I seen it--I asked this young man if I could take a picture of it--
and as you can see--he was proud to pose for me!!!!
so shall we ask for this kind of 'rain' tonight!!???????

and I did buy some produce--
6 ears of corn--wonder who will eat 6 ears here at my place?????

well--yes there is still more pictures of Vintage day to show you--
hopefully tomorrow I can do that!!?????
Hugs, Di and her 'angel' miss gracie


  1. Looks like a super fun day!!! Love those "stuffed turkeys." Your goodies are great--do you have any idea what is going to go into that cool basket??? Filling it full of new fabric???

  2. oooh, I want it to rain like that here!
    Wow, yes, what angels that couple are! I can't imagine--my grandson tires me out so quickly, and I'm only in my 40's!

    Hmmm... you've got me thinkin'... I've got to check into some of these 'senior's trips'!!!! {my hubs will be 65 in a few months...and with the stroke, we're always together...}
    That is a very cute little bench! And I'm loving your little fat quarters, too!

  3. I want a shirt that say's make it rain money! woo hoo!
    Looks like a really fun day sweets.

  4. Fun day out! Pretty weather you all had too. Of course you had to stop at the fabric booth!! hahaha!Need some of that rain here too!!


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