Thursday, September 6, 2012

OH DEAR??????

Looks like Di has been shopping again--
where did she go this time???

ahh--yep--here is more evidence---
Two of these are from the Ecthings line--
and a pretty copper solid piece!!!
and a couple more--
one of these really is 2 pieces--the one in the back--hummmm!!!
Oh and look at these cute little packages of rick racks and ribbon--
I know I bet "Di" went to Shabby Fabrics remnant sale online--
and I bet she even got free shipping on this order--
and those fabric pieces I bet--she got to go with some charm packs,
layercakes, that are already in her stash--
and pieces of trims are always good to have on hand--right?????

In her walk overtown this afternoon--
to go to knitting workshop--
her camera flew out of her pocket and she got you some more flower pictures!!
and look at these 'tiny' leaves?????

I did work on a counted cross stitch project last night tooo--
see that on my other blog site--
Happy stitching --
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie


  1. Looks like you picked up some good bargains...
    Lovely flowers Miss Gracie..

  2. Sales good!!!! Shopping fun!!!! Looks like you have had a colorful day.

  3. Sales area good thing!!! Pretty walks you seem to have too!

  4. I love how your garden is growing... and your stash too!


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