Friday, September 7, 2012


Here in beautiful downtown Watkins Glen--
and I did get over town and took some photos for you--
but what started the journey was this photo--
That is our building in the background--
I was upstairs doing counted cross stitch near the window--
and I seen this and just had to go down and take a picture--
good thing I went when I did--the owner got there the same time
I did--but he stepped back and let me take the picture--
is this cute or what???????

the following is alot of photos--
so enjoy--
Here is one for Alice---
This is part of the main street here--
they shut the street off to traffic from noon until sometime in the evening--
Talk about having a picnic in the streets!!!!! Party time!!!!
Here is the other half of the downtown street--
they paint the checkerboard in the center every year for this--
I have lots more--
but it looks and sounds like a storm is coming my way--
so I am gonna say good night for now--
more to come--
Hugs, Di and that miss gracie


  1. I agree with Carolyn - what fun! My favorite is the first car. Glad you got there just in time.

  2. Yep--thank you!!! You can mail that one to me right????

  3. Love the pictures! I'm a big vintage car nut - it runs in my family - my brother has over 50 vintage cars in all states of restoration. He's a mechanic by trade and I'm always trying to talk him into giving me a car. He's lets me drive them but I have to have them back by midnight like Cinderella - oh well it is better than a pumpkin!

  4. David would want that first car for sure! How fun!
    You live in such a great place Di!


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