Wednesday, September 19, 2012


What are you looking doing over there????
Oh--you want me to look down???
OH--I see--someone has been 'spinning' some hexie flower blocks around last weeks
And you want to help???
Ok let's get busy then--
Oh my--look at what Webster and did today--
we added lots of hexies to last weeks flower and now we have one big flower!!!
and I think it would look nice here on this table for a covering--
Only--I can't decide how to finish it????
do I leave it as is and just do the backing and batting--
do I add the half hexie's all around the border--
and If I was to add the half hexie's--
which fabric do you like best for it??????
The purple dot--as is in some of the hexies--

this fabric has a black background with moons on it--

Or this cute fabric with the candy corn on it-----

so please help me and Webster decide by voting --
Oh and N0.4 would be to put a cloth under it and finish it as is!!!

Thank you for your time in helping us--
Have a great day--
Hugs, Di and ---Miss Gracie of course!!!!


  1. I don't know how you should finish it, but I like the black fabric with the moons the best around it! :0)

  2. I totally agree with Terry. Black with half moons, or just leave it as it is. Very nice.

  3. Love your "hexie" project!!!! I agree with Terry and Sunny...Very nice indeed :)

    Hugs, Carolyn

  4. Agree with Terry too! Moons on black or solid black would look good! Cute project.

  5. I kind of like it as it is sort of free form--although I do like the purple or the candy corn. It is really cute. Wish I had some talented spiders around here--mine are just messy.

  6. I like fabric #2--black with the moons. It also looks very pretty just like it is.

  7. I would appliqué it to a black fabric. It's lovely.

  8. I would appliqué it to a black fabric. It's lovely.

  9. Now you're playing with my kinds of fabrics! I love the colors in your Halloween table topper. I think I would go with either the green stars or the purple polka dots around the edges.


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