Saturday, September 29, 2012


baby kitties--
all at the same place!!!!!!
Meet Spirit--
and her 2 little ones--
can you see where the second one is sleeping????
Spirit has her very own special story to tell--
she now is homed at the yarn shop with her babies--
you see the manager, Pam--
was at a meeting at the 4-H campgrounds when Spirit walked in and joined them--
she was very hungry so they feed her some roast beef from there sandwiches--
after she got full--she laid right now by them all and gave birth to 3 kitties!!!!!
Pam ended up saying that for our SPCA that she could foster them at the shop--
so she was moved and set up very nicely there--and they gave her the name of
Spirit cause the group that was meeting is called "SOS" Spirit of Schuyler--
(we are sad to say that one little baby passed away on Monday-boo!)
She is one very friendly cat and a great mother--
so now you know where I go every day??????

Did you say you went to a 'wine' tasting, Di???
NO--I said I went to a Yarn tasting!!!!
See--it was Thursday evening at the yarn shop--
and see all the 'samples' for us to taste?????
By the time came this table was loaded with all kinds of food--
ahhh--let me rephrase that--all kinds of 'yummmmmmy' food--
and yes that bucket has some wine in it--
a lot of them like their wine, but no body drinks more than a glass or two!!!
The sales rep who came to do this--
she has done alot of these--
but this one won first prize for so much good food!!!

I won a door prize--
2 balls of the kid mohair in a deep russet color--
and as all the Cascade yarns where at 20% off for the evening I did purchase these two skeins--
Both are really new colors for me and the stash!!!!

And yes--I have been back to the Yarn shoppe both Friday and today to hold kitties and to talk and pet the Momma kitty!!!!!!

And I have been working with fabric--hopefully tomorrow I will have photos there--
be good have a great day tomorrow--
Hugs,Di and miss gracie


  1. Awwww....I love kitties! THe tiny ones are so precious. Those yarns look yummy. Can't wait to see what you knit up.

  2. such sweet kitties! I love your yarn! Cascade is one of my favorites and you have some yummy colors there. Enjoy knitting with them!

  3. Cute cats! And a lucky mummy cat meeting just the right people at the right moment. Lovely story:)
    I like the yarn you got. Yarntasting sounds like fun and a great idea.

  4. How incredibly precious is Spirit and her babies! What a wonderful story Di!

    Looks like yarn tasting was lots of fun.

  5. Looks like yarn heaven - how fun.

    Great home for the kitties and oh so cute.

    Enjoy your new yarn.


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