Friday, October 19, 2012

Ahhhh--Momma kitty---

What have you got there????
I see my two cuties--
but what is all that white and black?????
When I got to the yarn shop yesterday for class--
the manager called me out back where "my" two babies are--
and there she had two new ones--
and was seeing if Momma kitty would care for them---
our Dog pound lady had found two --day old kittens in a ditch--
she had taken them home and cleaned them up and was bottle feeding them
for the last 3 days when the SPCA remembered our Momma kitty--
the one is mostly all black and that one took right to nursing--
and Momma was and is ok with it--
that darn white and black one is sooo hyper and very vocal--
and she had a hard time getting the 'idea' but finally after a nap with the two older ones
she did figure it all out!!!!
Hugs, Di and her very own baby--Miss Gracie


  1. Oh that is such a sweet story. I bet you were real surprise to see more kitties in there!

  2. That is the sweetest story ever. Gave me a lump in the throat! Miss Gracie, you are the best momma ever!
    Cath xxx

  3. Love the story!
    Lovely kittens :-)as wellas the leaves on the ground.


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