Friday, October 12, 2012


I know that I said I would post some more finishes yesterday--
so here is the other knitted finishes from the other day--
this is a spare of the moment shawl I started--
and it was one of those projects at times that was too easy--
so I kept doing it wrong--unknit--knit--unknit--
but I do love how it came out--
It has a picot edging on it--

this pullover shell got finished--
It is more red in real life!!!!
the front and back are a design of 12 column repeats to make this cute curvy look--
and I loved doing the neck edging and the armhole ones--
was really neat--now to wear it???
I think her next finish is this way--
No--it's this way!!!
Ahhh--look she got her hexagon fall quilt all done--
and she made Webster happy--
yep--he looks mighty happy to have his own table covering!!!!!

so now it is on to the next project----
Hugs, Di and her very own baby--miss gracie


  1. Your knitting is beautiful, Di!

  2. What a good girl! And beautiful work as always :)
    Have a good weekend!

  3. Your knitting stitches are really impressive. It looks hard. Love the hexies. Webster should be feeling very happy.

  4. You are just so multi-talented! Cute kitty!


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