Saturday, October 6, 2012


Webster is gonna show you two blocks--
house block is done--
tree block is about done--
I decided I think I will put apple buttons on my tree!!!!
and I have 2 more blocks started--
once again the outdoors called me--
and you know I had to go by and check on those sweeeeet babies---
Momma and the little grey one--
see his eyes are open--
and momma is teaching him to read already!!!!
and here is the little tiger one--
wonder how much longer momma thinks she will be able to keep them in that little cubby??????

New self stripping yarn--
Have looked at this for a long time--
it went on sale for 40% off this week end!!!!

And --do you remember back to June when I got some plants for the flower garden????
( I know who can remember yesterday--let alone back to June????)
anyways I got 2 morning glory plants--
one purple and one blue--
and you have seen lots of photos of the purple ones--

it has bloomed for months now--but no 'blue' ones!!!
but--look at what I found this morning---
a big  blue one--actually there was 3 of them--
and lots and lots of buds---
the rain had torn it a bit--
but I still love the photo!!!
and it wouldn't be a fall post without--
a few fall leaves!!!
these where lined up this way in the driveway this morning!!!!

well--the temperature here has dropped last night--
time for blue jeans and jackets and ---
I can finally wear some of those knitted shawls I have made-----!!!!!

Hugs, Di and her kitty--miss gracie


  1. Pretty pictures! Some of our flowers are blooming beautifully now that it's cooled off. I think I might be ready for some jeans after today, too.

  2. Those kittens are so cute!
    Really chilly in the mornings now, I need gloves and scarf when I go out with the dogs. But the autumn colours make up for the cold :)
    Have a nice Sunday. Hugs.

  3. Oh, I love kittens!! Delightful post today, I enjoyed the read and the pretty photos with my morning coffee!

  4. That looks like my house--kind of crooked. Or maybe it is just me that is crooked??
    The kitties are sooooo cute--could you just send me that little gray one please? Pretty pics too, even rain is fun to photograph.


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