Thursday, October 25, 2012


the '3' little orphans--
aren't growing??????
2 of them have there eyes about open--
and I can now pick them up and cuddle them for a minute--
before they cry for the new mom to rescue them!!!!
and here is momma 'Spirit' and her very own two--
they are very loving and fun filled kittens--
I just love them!!!!!
we had 80 degree temps today--Sunny!!!
and there is still roses and flowers blooming!!!!

I do have 2 more SKOW blocks finished and nearly a 3rd one done!!!
photos tomorrow!!!
Hugs, Di and her kitty-Miss Gracie


  1. Hope the three little ones will be alright. They didn't have a good introduction into the world. The other two are up and running. Hugs....

  2. Spirit is certainly a treasure and such a good little Mummy cat, those 3 little orphans at least have a chance at a better life now! Our early summer heat has already made itself felt, oh dear! I don't know that I'm really looking forward to what is ahead....

  3. I want that gray kitten, that is all there is too it!! You have managed to do quilt well in the sewing department too. Well done.


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