Monday, October 15, 2012


I would like you to meet---
my newest friend--
Ms. Toad---
I was out taking pictures of my garden--
like now sad these look--
my morning glories did not like that last frost we had--
but I did discover some flowers that are not ready to give up --yet--
then I saw these--
ahhh--is it spring--instead of fall--
as I was taking the photos of these--
I saw something move on the ground by the flower garden--
and that is when I seen  her--
I have to say--that one of two things have changed--
1. I have either grown up -- finally at age 64--
2. or photography had changed me--
cause not long ago--when I seen this kind of 'thing'--
I would of been running for the woods--rather back to the safety of my apartment--
( so now you know I was not a tom-boy growing up!!!!)
but now -
not only did I take her photo--
I talked to her--
and when I came up and down loaded her photo--
I had 'fun' studying her colors and bumps---

And yes I did go to the yarn shop today for class--
and yes I did put a recharged battery in the camera--
cause I had to get some new baby pictures--
are you ready--
Here is 'Spirit"--
with Schuyler--on the left--
and Odessa on the right!!!!
  Here's Miss Schuyler---
don't you just love that tummy!!!!!
and here is Mr. Odessa!!!!
they are just sooo sweet--
and are learning that they can play with each other and even with the toys some--
and they love to 'chew' on each other and their momma!!!!

well--that is it for animal stories tonight--
but I will leave you with photo--
One of the ladies here went to Walmart and got her nails done---
How cute!!!!!
Hugs, Di and her sweet baby--Miss Gracie


  1. Lovely post.
    Pleased you enjoy taking photos of the Toad.. It does have interesting features..LOL
    Totally oppisite to the cutest Mama Cat and her Kittens..

  2. All kinds of critters!!! Now I don't mind toads, but usually spiders do send me flying. But, Webster and those cute finger nails are pretty cool. The babies are so sweet and growing so fast.
    Keep taking those photos please.

  3. You keep up those kitty pictures and I'll end up with a cat! They are so gorgeous!
    You can keep your toad, though! Reminds me of the boys in our street chasing us girls in the back alley where I grew up.
    We'd scream and the boys yelled gleefully! Never caught us, though :)

  4. Haha! I know what you mean about the toad. I used to run from things too, and now I grab the camera instead/ Even snakes! Love the kitties.

  5. Well isn't Ms. Toad a pretty lady!
    Love them kitties!
    Ok those fingernails are just totally cool. I never have enough nail to paint.

  6. Yikes! I'm not so sure about that toad. Of course, I'm not 64 yet. Give me a couple more years. LOL!! Kitties are just too darling.


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