Friday, October 26, 2012


I am still working on those SKOW blocks--
so here is a look at some more--
this next one I changed the wording on a bit--
I did 'great friendships' instead of best friends--
this block was a fun one to stitch!!!!
I do have another block  started--
I am getting down there--
now if I could just stay home and not go feed and play with kittens and knit everyday---
I would get them done faster--but???????
somebody has to do all that 'hard' work of feeding kittens and that momma cat--
and the really hard work of playing with those 'cuties'---
and it is time to start working with those '3' new ones--
they now have their eyes open!!!!

Did get me two new pieces of fabric yesterday at the Quilt shop--
the bottom one I think is for the turkey blocks I made last year--
the top one is-- a just 'because' piece--
Have a great Saturday--
Hugs,Di and her baby--Miss Gracie


  1. Cute stitcheries, Di. I hope Miss Gracie isn't being ignored now that you're in love with all the kittens!

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  3. what? No kitties??
    Nice work, though :)
    Enjoy your weekend and kisses for Miss Gracie!

  4. Lovely needlework Di!!! I don't blame you for wanting to check in on those kitties all the time, poor little darlings, hope to see some more pics of those little sweeties soon......

  5. Well done!! I would like some sunshine on my face right now. Those sheep are super cute!


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