Monday, October 22, 2012


Look at this picture---
Hummmmm--I do believe that I see a red kitten in there--
we do not have a "red" one --do we??????
Sprite says--
now wait one minute here--
I have my very own '2' to nurse--
Yep--here they are on 'Di's' legs playing--
and then you got me '2' new babies to nurse--
and they are both black and white ones--
so where oh where did this '3' one come from---
do you think I am 'nursing machine' or something!!!!?????????

When I went to knitting class tonight--
there was the little 'red' kitten--
they found it today where they had found the two black and white ones
a week ago--and this one is healthy and the same size so has to be a sibling to the black and white ones--
where are they coming from and where is the first momma and is there more kittens?????
I do feel bad for momma Spirit--she just takes it all in stride though--
that is as long as you keep giving her more milk and food!!!
oh and don't forget those 'treats'!!!!!!!!!

I had a lot of  'kitten' nursing duties over the week end--
so did not get alot done here--
but today I was home until 4:30 pm--
and did get some things done and some applique done--
will have photos of that tomorrow!!!!
Wait a minute--that is not a kitten--
thankfully---that is a puppy though--
and he comes to the yarn shop a lot--
his name is 'Duke'!!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie

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