Saturday, November 10, 2012


That is the name of this new back ground --
and guess what---
In a 'twinkling' it will be ---

after Thanksgiving--here in the states---

and then we all know what comes next!!!!
and we all know what this date means!!!!!
So--are you ready??????

I found the perfect 'car' for us to use to go Christmas shopping in---
and it was parked right on main street yesterday!!!!

got two orders in the mail yesterday too--
this one is from Bird Brain--
and this one is from Missouri crafts--
note the bear scissors for my collection!!!

I have been working real hard at hand quilting the Jo Morton quilt top the last couple days--
and it is coming along nicely--
and of course I have had to go play with these 'kids'--
Odessa (Odie) just loves my knitting bag--
started calling this one "Duke"--and he seems to like that name--
he is 'talker'--finally got him to settle down a minute and he let me cuddle him--
and he has a very loud 'purr'--later he even went to sleep in my arms!!!!
and what 'exactly' are you trying to do there--lil red?????
must be his 'exercise' time!!!!!
but I think your sister is trying to take a nap!!!!!
Oh well--lil sister was napping!!!!!!

I was gonna say that I thought one was missing--
but I just needed to look 'down' and there is my buddy-Sky!!!
and lets not forget momma Spirit--she finally has a minute to work on keeping her fur looking good!!!

Hugs, Di and her very own 'baby' miss gracie


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! They are so cute. So is that hay turkey. I am getting panicky about how fast time is flying. Need to try to speed up along with it I suppose.
    Snuggle all those babies for me.

  2. I like your background and your new snowman stitchery. Very cute.

  3. Love your new stitchery patterns!!! Those little furry babies are just wonderful, love seeing how they are progressing!!!


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