Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Just realized it has been a week since I lasted posted--
bad bad girl--sorry about that!!!

Do have some finishes done--though!!!!
first up is--
a little prairie doll--
we got this pattern at my 2nd Jo Morton Club meeting--
I even knitted her a shawl--
and talking about the Club--
Miss Sandra Doll-what are you doing????
Oh--I see--
you want to show off my new 'star' Jo Morton and Di' quilt!!!
there she is---
all hand quilted and the binding on it--
was worried about the lighter/brighter binding--
but, I like it--what about you?????

and for work being done on the 2nd quilt--
we have a nice big pile of trimmings for all 186 half square triangles--
the little piles of the squares--
they are now waiting for this to happen--
Ahhhh--excuse me--
but I just cut all those up and now you want me to sew those little bitty things back together again?????
You are 'funnin' me aren't you?????

and in the knitty news--
a baby sweater and hat is finished--
and I have put all knitting projects in 'time-out'-for a while!!!!
there is a hurtful story to this--but am unable to talk about it right now--
but aren't those buttons cute on this sweater--they look like confetti????

Is everyone here in the USA getting those turkeys thawed out????
Miss Gracie says she likes 'turkey'--if it comes in a can with lots of gravy!!!!
I have been working on mine--pictures hopefully tomorrow!!!

Be good and drive safely if you are traveling in the next few days--
Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. You always have so many lovely finishes, and your creativity spans so many areas. If someone is saying something hurtful to you, remember how much the rest of us love to see and hear about your projects.

  2. Agree with the above! I am always amazed at how much you get done! I like the light binding - brings out the darker colours.
    Don't give up on knitting, you have been doing so well.
    I am going to have to wait until Christmas for my turkey!
    Hugs to you and little missy.

  3. You have been very busy! Love the little dolls and adore your quilt! Gorgeous! And looks like you have another gorgeous quilt on the way! Thanks for sharing!

  4. You have been a busy girl! Love the Jo Morton quilt, nice quilting!!! Nice to see a pic of Miss Gracie too, I've no doubt she'll help you out with the turkey!!!


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