Sunday, December 9, 2012


I have the 2nd Jo Morton quilt finished--
this is the one that had 186 small blocks to trim--remember????
It is all hand quilted again and even the binding is done--!!!!

Had the 3rd class today--
and now have another challenge--
today was cutting lots and lots of 1 1/2 square blocks!!!!
but now that I am home--it will go in 'time out' until after Christmas---
want to just spend the next couple weeks on Christmas!!!!

Here is the wall behind my computer--
These 2 quilts seem to go so well together--
and my rocking/working chair is directly across from this wall--
so I get to enjoy these two quilts all day !!!

I did --
get my computer issues fixed--hopefully--
and I did learn some more about the computer--
so guess that is a good thing--right?????

So how is everyone doing on their holiday 'to do' list?????
I decided that I really need to change the Christmas challenge for next year--
so beware??????

Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. Love that quilt! I think you've earned some down time, so sit back and enjoy all your hard work. Have a great week.

  2. Love the Jo Morton quilt - such pretty colors! And the display behind your computer is lovely. Glad you got your tech problems fixed... hope they stay fixed too!

  3. Love all your quilts! They are gorgeous!

  4. Nice Jo Morton quilt, must have been a bit of a struggle. Love the colors :-)

  5. Pretty quilt!! Can't wait to see the next one and I love all of the Christmas goodies that you have decorated with. We will not talk about my lack of sewing now will we????

  6. Great finish Di. Everything looks so pretty!

  7. Love your Christmas decorating, your home is looking very Festive! I love the Jo Morton quilt, it looks fabulous, well done on that one!!!! Glad to hear the kitties have found homes, I hope they all have a good and loved life, Spirit deserves a medal for all her mothering of the orphans, what a treasure she is!!!
    Hope you have a safe and happy Christmas Season!!!!


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