Sunday, December 30, 2012


Boy do I wish I would get this much done --
as I have in the last 3 days--every day!!!
so here goes--
remember those pillows that, once again, I started last winter????
Here is Scotty all decked out in his new bow, eye, and charm--
and he is finished into a soft pillow--
and here is 'crooked' eyed Mr. Bear--
with his pretty ribbon--
and he is also now a soft pillow!!

Now remember this 3rd one--
this one was next in line, when My 'Anne' came to visit a bit--
I went into the sewing room to work on it--and stopped--
Anne and I have not done our Christmas yet--
and it hit me this would be the perfect gift for her--
as she loves--cats, blue, and birds!!!!
I got all 3 of them right here--
so I will let her finish it--she may want different colored bows on them than I would put--
and she might want to finish it as a wall hanging instead of a pillow--
sooooo--for me--it's a finish!!!

and talking about kittens--
We still have 3 left at the yarn shop--
and I was to go in and feed them on Dec 24 and 25th--
I happened to stop by on the 23th and discovered that those little 'rug rats' had eaten a hole in the large bag of cat treats and had eaten most of the full bag!!!!
the Clerk working that day said she wondered why they were busier and playing harder that even normal!!!
When I got there on the 24th and feed them--
I stayed for about 3 hours and watched them and basted hexie's!!!
and these 3 where really "flying monkeys"--
they were flying through the air--jumping--chasing--you name it--
and they kept that up for 2 1/2 hours--I got real tired just watching them--
but--laugh--oh my--they where soooo funny!!!
the picture above is on Christmas day--
they were very calm by then and wanted to be with me--
so not much work got done--but that is ok--I love these monkeys!!!!
two of them will go home this week sometime--
but think this one ==My Odie will stay---hope, hope, hope!!!
I love snow--but it has been hard these last few days, cause it has meant that it was too icy
and the snow too deep to walk over and play with the "flying monkeys"!!!!

Welllll--for us here in the US we got one more day of 2012--
what are you going to do with it???????
Ahh--I see what Di plans to do in the new year!!!!!!!!

Hugs, and love, Di and miss gracie


  1. Cute,cute,cute!
    The pillows and all of the kitty pictures.
    Maybe kitty treats are the trick to getting lots done.

  2. Love the pillows! And the little mishiefmakers. Kittens are just too cute.

  3. Happy New Year to you my bloggy friend!


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