Monday, December 3, 2012


like it's Christmas time when--
I live in the northeast and--
the temp today was 57 degrees out--
and lots of sunshine????????

Who stole all the white stuff???
( and who turned the picture sideways??)

I  am happy to say that my apartment is a bit messy!!!!
and some of the Christmas decorations have walked out here from the closet shelf--
and someone did get the old wood cupboard shelves cleaned off--
and a few pieces of furniture did get moved around a bit--
so maybe 'someone' is thinking about Christmas anyways!!!!
So--how many days do I have left--
go shopping for gifts--
wrap gifts and get packages in the mail--
decorate the apartment--
sew some Christmas stuff--
bake some cookies--
watch some Christmas movies--
send out cards--
ahhhhhh--I might be in trouble here!!!!!!

Hugs,Di and miss gracie

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  1. I can't believe that you hit 1,000 posts! That is awesome Di! Congratulations on such a big blogiversary posting! woohoo! You are so inspiring!


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