Tuesday, December 11, 2012


what is on my computer screen--
How do you like this red????
Lola sent me the cat picture in an email today--
and I just had to put it on my desktop--
and pink didn't go well--so baby we are Christmas red!!!!

and I forgot to show and tell you about a new friend who helps me each night with the computer!!!
I know now I have gone to the 'dogs'!!!
but he does a trick--
see he lights up and does flash other colors--
I have no idea why I bought him--he was sitting on a shelf at Walmart one day all by his self--
I even walked past him--but --for some reason I had to back up and get him--
I had no idea that he light up until I was getting on the bus and something was flashing different colors in my bag!!!!!!!
Are we having fun yet?????
Is you 'to do' list getting smaller????
And don't forget those 'furry' dudes in you life!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. Love your projects and the kitty is adorable.

    As always a fun post, Di!!!

    Hugs, Carolyn

  2. Love your cute little new friend! And no, my To Do List is not getting any shorter. wahhhh

  3. Knowing how you are with strays, no way was that little fellow going to be alone for Christmas :-)
    For a moment I thought I only hD one pressie left .... But that is the one from a shop - forgot my "to make " list ....at least that one is sjorter now.
    Love to miss Gracie.

  4. Bought one of those in the green koala version to send to my goddaughter but I have been playing with it myself. Need to hurry up and mail it before I kill the battery. All your pretties look so nice!

  5. Great fun at your computer with that cute picture and the even cuter 'helper'! Your Christmas decorating is gorgeous!! No, my to-do list keeps trying to grow but I am trying to be disciplined!!


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