Monday, December 31, 2012


I have to be honest and say--
that when everyone tells me 'how' much I get done--
I don't really think that way--
I guess cause I am seeing what else I want to do--or need to do--
and the 'pile' of  'inprogress' projects--
so I always feel like I am way behind!!!!

So I did go back though the past year and listed what I had done--
and guess what?????
I was shocked, by how much I did do--
I think I need to get a life!!!!!!!!

I stitched--
1. 47 hexie flowers
2. Finished 10 or more quilts--that is with the hand quilting and bindings on
3. I made about 20 more quilt tops (this did shock me!!!)
4. have done 2 Jo Morton quilts and they are hand quilted and bound
5. did some 'other' stitching--
     2 Valentine mats
     3 table runners
     2 table mats
     2 pillows
6. for redwork I did 6 items--2 stockings, pillows and pictures to frame
7. for other embroidery I did 7 items
8. for wool projects--I did 5 items--the large Nativity pillow, 2 candle mats,
    and 2 small turkeys!!!
9. have 3 more quilt starts for the year--
10.and a basket full of things that are cut and waiting for a good fairy to stitch them together!!!!

In other news--
is the knitting report--
I knitted--
3 prs of socks
5 shawls--(plus 3 still on the needles) and I lost one--my favorite one on Christmas day!!!!
2 baby sets of sweaters and hats
5 pairs of mittens
1 set of gloves and hat
1 red pullover shell
and at least 30 dishcloths!!!!!!

and in the Counted Cross stitch --
I did --
12 Christmas ornaments--
2 or more small Easter  projects
4 of the word play pillows done--Jan, Feb,Mar, and April
8 of the 15 Crazy Challenge for 2012 finished

In the fun dept --
I did--
ate alot of chocolate--not really -- just my daily dose!!!!
and raised 6 kittens this fall--
took lots and lots of photos of flowers, lake, kittens, clouds, trees--on and on!!!!

And now you all want me to do it again???????
and when would you like me to start this??????
Ahhhhh--really--that is only about 4 hours away--
I guess as the saying goes--
"no rest for the wicked"!!!!!!!:-)

See ya tomorrow---
OH and seeing as how you all want me to continue eating chocolate--
I went shopping today for some supplies--
6 new balls of yarn for dish cloths--aren't these pretty????
Easter fabrics--would you believe that I had NO Easter fabrics in my stash--
shame on me--so solved that problem today!!!!!
and these 2 red ones are for a project--one that has been on my want to do list a long time!!!!!!

Goodbye 2012--
Hello 2013--
Hugs and love, Di and miss gracie


  1. May I just say WOW!
    Happy New Year to you and Miss Gracie!

  2. Happy New Year! Hope this year will bring good things to you. Nola

  3. You are amazing!! Seriously! I am sure Miss Gracie helped though :) Happy New Year to you both!!! xxx

  4. What an inventory Di! You did have a busy and productive year, maybe you could just slow down a bit this New Year LOL!!! I really can't see that happening......
    All the very best to you!!!!


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