Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Organizing today--
I took this mess--
On this side of the rocker and cleaned it up--
had lots of floss to put in the right boxes and on the right hooks--
need to get all nicely clean and organized for 2013 and all the stitching things I want to do--
see that basket on the floor by the lamp???
No that one has miss gracies toys in it--
the one next to that--that is all my counted cross stitch projects for 2013 for the
Crazy challenge I am in-- I published the list on my workbasket site and another finish for today!!!!
and now look--
Much much--- better now I got me some good light--
had trouble seeing whether I was quilting or cross stitching--
time will tell if this is going to really work!!!!

Here it is--
Di's challenge for 2013--
I am doing a 2 month challenge this time--
with a 'subject' for each 2 month period-
you can do one project or a dozen--
this is just to help you get some gifts/or personnel items made
that are on our forever "want to do" list--
January and February is wool months--
    you can make what ever you want--any size project you want in wools
March and April is Kitchen months--
    make aprons, dish towels,pot holders, on and on the list goes--
    can use what ever medium you want--can even make soap!!!!
May and June is cotton months--
    can do any craft you choose or even finish something these 2 months--
    like I know  I have tote bags cut and lots of bom blocks that need finishing--
July and August is personnel months--
    make purses, wallets, tote bags, table runners, pincushions--
    again--can use any type fabric here--or medium
September and October is fiber months--
   make fleece mittens or blankets, or knit dish cloths or crochet a scarf--
   and yes, fabric counts!!!
November and December is 'finish' months--
   finish off what ever is not finished!!!!
   and make some baked goods for gift baskets!!!

I figure those that live where you are in the real hot months now--you can start where ever you want--
want you all to keep your cool!!!!

Well--let me know what you think--
and please be honest here--
well--be kindly honest--OK??????
Hugs, love, Di and miss gracie


  1. I think this is a great list, Di! I can make it work with other lists, too, but it gives me some direction. I just happen to have a couple of wool projects in my pile, so I'll get started in the next couple of days!

  2. Love your list Di, and being very kindly honest here :) Just one problem... I don't think I have any wool... will need to wait till I get to Oz in Feb to do that - good thing we get two months!
    Joy xxx

  3. Count me in! With two months for each project I might (!) be able to keep up :-)

  4. Love your list of suggestions! And 2 months on each project sounds good,so I`ll try my best. Please count me in as well:))

  5. This is a really good way to do a list - I've already signed up to do '1 item a month' but couldn't think where to start. I think you may have to count me in!!

  6. Di, this is a great idea. One of the best I've seen on the internet. I think I'll play along - but I don't have any wool. So I'll use felt. Not the same but it will have to do.

  7. Good luck on your challenges. I'm just going to plod through on those UFOs - at least for a while.

  8. What a great idea! Please count me in!
    The first challenge should be quite easy as I like to knit :-)

  9. This is great, two months for each project. I want to join.

  10. Hello there, I just followed a link to your blog from Oddbjorg at the 'Quiet Corner' and I love the idea of two months per project.......very do-able I think, it may also help me with the '13 sweaters in 2013' challenge at the same time.

    A fab idea and a lovely blog.


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