Monday, January 7, 2013


I was a busy girl today--
started with doing a job of  'undecorating'--
and putting all the Christmas items away--
still have two quilts on the wall==but need help with them--
Then I got out my snowmen collection and started--
redecorating with them--
Here is the wall area--I have lots of hand knitted mini mittens and some hats--
along with some ice skate decorations and then I also put the snowmen that
have hangers on them on the garland--
the snowman quilt is about one of my first quilting attemps--
I think every year that the snowmen need  'faces'!!!
but I never get to it!!!!!!
I have the country cupboard to do yet with snowmen--
maybe later or tomorrow!!!

then late this afternoon I got into the sewing room and got the owls finished--
tried out the new hot glue gun--works good--
and I had forgotten to put bows on the owls the other day--
now to decide which one I want to keep and which to give away---
what is your vote on that one!!???????

I did go overtown after lunch-- had some things I needed to do--
like put an ad in our little daily paper about losing my favorite shawl on Christmas day--
getting a couple counted cross stitch patterns enlarged--
stop at the bank-- stop at the quilt shop for iron on interfacing for the thread catchers--
I had to stop and cuddle with these two--
Here is Sky--she will be going to back to her home tonight sometime--
and her new owner has renamed her--"yogurt"--don't ask????
and here is my Odie-
Mr. Odie heard me first and came running before I could even get my coat off--
he just cuddled and purred and cuddled for a long time--then Sky heard me and she came running and got up on my lap then she climbed up on top of Odie so she could be the closest one to my face--
both of these kittens purred the whole time we snuggled--over half hour!!!!
I will really really miss my Sky--!!!

Ok--we had sunshine today and that felt good on my rounds and the temp here was about 38 degrees--
we are suppose to have a bit warmer week--but then they say the deep freeze is coming!!!!

Well-be good and keep up all this fast and furious stitching that I am reading about in blogland!!!
way to go blog friends!!!


  1. I love your snowmen! Give the poor things some faces though. You certainly had a busy day.

  2. WOW! Those kitties sure are growing!And they really are adorable.
    It has been warmer here today, too. It is actually supposed to get into the 60's by the middle of the week.It will seem like Summer after all the cold we have been having.
    I like your Snowman quilt.I think it looks really pretty the way it is.
    Both of your owls are adorable so it is hard to pick just one of them.I guess I would have to say the blue one although I love the pink one also.
    Have a great evening!

  3. I need to "undecorate" today too :) Love the blue owl best because it is my color so would keep that... but the other is so cute too... maybe you need to keep both - one for Miss Gracie and one for Mr Odie :) xxx

  4. Ahhh (big sigh) I wish I had some kitties to cuddle up with. My two cats are senior girls and I am so glad that they are still healthy. One loves my husband's lap and the other one lays on mine.
    Love your snowman quilt but yes, they do seem to be missing faces.

  5. I didn't notice the snowmen lacked faces until you commented on it, but then... yep, they would like to smile at you, Di :-)
    I love both owls - they are really cute.

  6. Lovely snowmen quilt, but they'll be nicer with a smile I think :-)
    Blue is not "my" colour, so I had kept the other one, but they are both very cute.
    Here we have some wet snow coming down today.

  7. The snowmen and owls are so cute! I need to hall out my first quilt and hang it up I think. I was quite pleased with it way back when.
    The babies are getting cuter and cuter. Odie looks so much like one of my babies that we used to have. I am so glad I can watch him grow with you.

  8. How sad to have lost your favorite shawl. I hope it will turn up. Love your snowmen. So glad it warmed up a little for you. Nola

  9. Yay! I undecorated... thanks for the motivation!!! xxx


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