Sunday, January 13, 2013


I got Pearl all made up last night before bed--
here she is---
I now have '2' homemade civil war dolls to play with!!!!!
Oh--what fun??????

And this morning I worked on that half square triangle border--
but not sure which one I like better--
here is #1-
and here is #2--
I plan to use a black fabric with a copper colored thin stripe for the final outside border--
this second inner border is a grey with the gold one and the background in the quilt is a grey--
but think maybe the first inner border makes the quilt 'pop' more!!!
OR maybe I need to start over with a #3 border????
What does all my 'fans' think?????

Well--I gotta say--
today did turn out a 'bit' different than I thought it would!!!!
I figured that I needed to go to class and just before lunch I had kinda packed everything up--
then got my carton of yogurt and turned on the computer--
and there was all your comments and you all telling me to stay home--
so I thought about it--and even though it was nearly 60 degrees out and not raining--
but cloudy--
I did stay home!!!!
first I worked on a knitted shawl--but
 then I realized what I really wanted to work on--
some counted cross stitching and I wanted to work on this one--
cause you always think you can finish a project--only it does take more time than one realizes--
but I am happy that alot more is done and maybe one more Sunday afternoon and it will be finished--
It was such a lovely afternoon here and I really loved just sittin and stitchin--
so thanks, 'friends' for making me stay home today!!!!
So what is on you 'plan to do' list for this week????
I know I have lots--way more than I can do in a week--
but at least it keeps me busy--and I need to go see Odie tomorrow--
before he forgets who I am==haven't seen him in 2 days now!!????


  1. Hello Di. I am glad that you had a very productive day. Maybe the flu season will be over soon and we can spend lots of time outdoors. It was warm here today, too, but cloudy. So I just stayed in and sewed while watching movies.
    The dolls are beautiful! And they look so cute sitting on the quilt.I think the first border looks the best on your quilt. It just makes the rest of the quilt pop.
    I am going to be working on my Double wedding Ring quilt tommorrow and probably for a while yet.It is a queen-size and I still have all the blocks to join.
    Have a great night!

  2. HI! I think I like border #1 best. But it is always diificult to see the colours properly on photos.
    As usual you have been very busy - the cross stitch looks pretty and the dolls, too.
    Down to minus 25 today!!!

  3. I think that border #1 is the way to go! As you say it does make the quilt top 'pop'!!
    It must be cold where you are, and yes safer to stay at home LOL!! Safer to stay home here too, we have been experiencing some dreadfully hot temps, it was around 42C in my house when I got home on Saturday, that was until the air-con started to cool things down!! Today was much cooler, around 27C, my dear Miss Mini and the two dogs were happy to be inside napping today, otherwise they tend to spend the day on the latticed back verandah!! I can't wait for winter this year, sigh.......

  4. I also like border #1 best and your dolls are so sweet. There is something warm and inviting when dolls are sitting out, I think. You are certainly making great progress on all your projects. Nola

  5. Ha! I'm glad I'm not the only one who starts something thinking it won't take long. I even visualize in my mind but I am such a slow poke that things are always taking longer than I think they will.

  6. Not sure which border.. I like both... glad you stayed home and got lots done xxx


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