Saturday, January 19, 2013


I spent all afternoon on the computer--
and I was not doing the 'work' on it, that I should of been doing--
instead I found a blog site that listed many many other blogsites--
so I spent the day 'visiting'!!
With alot of new hopefully friends--
and I did alot of hopping around the world to do it!!
the new blog sites listed on the left hand side of my blog page are the new ones that seem quite colorful and sound very interesting--so we will see if I may I have spent the afternoon making new friends and I didn't even have to get a plane ticket to do it!!!!!

Now don't worry--
I still love all my 'old' blog friends and always will--
we have a couple years of friendship ahead of the newbee's!!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. Hi Di. I have been visiting a lot of these blogs too and have found a lot of interesting ones. I like meeting new people and reading their blogs to see what they are doing.
    I hope your day went a lot better than yesterday.And you have a great night!

  2. Hi Di,
    So glad that we have found each other's blogs <3

  3. I will have to go visit some of these new places. I will end up like you surfing instead of working, but it is fun.

  4. Enjoy visiting your new Friends Di but I am pleased you still love us..XXXX

  5. Surfing new sites is fun, though time consuming :-) Enjoy making new friends!

  6. What a great way to spend a winters' day! Thanks for sharing what you found!!!

  7. Hi Di! glad you're finding new blogs, new ideas, and new friends! It's fun, isn't it? :-) But don't forget about your longer friends!

    Sorry about your scissors getting stolen. That's awful. And they didn't even put everything back in the box after they tipped it over! GRR!

    Stay warm, my friend....the cold is coming......


  8. Thank you for visiting my little corner of blogland. I have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to following your adventures in 2013

  9. Hmmmm... will have to check out these new blogs...:) Glad I am still one of your friends! xxx

  10. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a few hours. There are some really nice, creative and interesting blogs out there.


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