Saturday, January 5, 2013


I was in the sewing room today--
and I even sewed--
now isn't that nice!!!
I made up these two---
they are all done in wool--except the wings and heart!!!
this pattern is by Bunny Hill and is called "Bitty Owl"--
I have had this pattern for a couple years--just waiting it's turn--
and as this is wool month--they got a turn--
decided to do '2'--one for me and one for ???????
I do need to glue the owl to the base yet--
but I don't have a glue gun right now--
it's on the shopping list!!!!!

I also got my wool thread all organized in a basket by colors--
and started on stitching words in on a wool hanging that I have had prepped since last March!!!
so I am movin right along here!!!
though I do need to take some time and take  down and put away Christmas!!!!

I also worked on an item on my bucket list!!!
for a couple years I have said that I was going to learn to---
I have never been in the habit of this 'drink'--
my 'drink' has always pretty much been 'tea'--
and when years ago I did drink coffee for awhile--
I had to have cream and sugar--
but I do so love the smell of coffee--
Especially flavored coffee!!
So I did start today--they have a social hour down in the community room on Saturdays at 2 pm--
( that lasts about 20 minutes--funny really!!!)
went down there today as I realized that I could get a small amount to drink and not waste any--
they do make theirs strong though---
so if I am going to be a coffee drinker --
I will need--

 coffee maker--
coffee grinder--
all kinds of flavored beans!!!!!

what is your favorite brand and flavor???????
Do you think that maybe I am toooo old to learn to drink coffee?????
On to the Challenge of 2013--
I will post the list of those who want to do the challenge on the left side tonight--
and try to get an email off to each of you soooooonnnnnn!!!!

Have a great fun and peaceful Sunday--
Hugs love, Di and miss gracie


  1. Cute owls! and I'm with you on the coffee. I can't stand the taste, but I love the smell. Hope you find something good.

  2. Your owls are darling!!!!

    I'm a cheater coffee drinker..milk and 2 teaspoons of sugar.

    You have a great sunday, too!!!


  3. Your owls are really cute! Still no wool kits from that mailman, but it can't be too much longer can it???
    Starbucks Komodo Dragon is my favorite--straight up black. Although a nice Iced Caramel Latte works too.

  4. Hi Di. Your owls are adorable. I love the smell of coffee, too, but I don't like the taste of it. However, I do drink lots of it so I water it down some and then add cream. My husband says I am just drinking flavored water, but it is still very good. We like just plain ole Maxwell House.
    I took all of my Christmas decorations down last weekend and got everything straighted up. Why is putting the tree back in its box a lot like trying to put a square peg into a round hole? I hope you have a good night.

  5. Great owls; will be my bird for the comming year ,I think ! Great challenge, looking forward to start by the end of January :-)

  6. Awww! Love the owls! They are just so cute!!!
    I drink coffee, but I doubt it will help if I tell you the brand :-) I will give you a warning though! I always drank tea, milk no sugar. When I moved to Norway, I was always offered coffee, so in the end I gave it a try. Plain, black coffee for me, BUT after drinking coffee for a while I stopped drinking tea.! I do have a cuppa now and then, but no milk, sugar, anything. It's just not the same anymore. :-(
    Christmas decorations packed, I hope DH will put the boxes up the loft before the snow melts ... :-)

  7. I'm in the sewing room.... but not sewing :) The owls are very cute! And I am the same as you with coffee - love the smell, but never really learned to drink it.. I am thinking maybe I shouldn't learn?! Keep me posted on your attempts and let me know if it is worth trying! lv, Joy xxx

  8. Your little owls are so cute. It's funny, my husband and I used to drink coffee in the morning and then one day we switched to tea and it's been tea ever since. However, when we are out, we drink coffee. Personally, I don't like strong coffee.

  9. Very cute little owls!!!!
    I've never been much of a coffee drinker, but I do have one midmorning on my work days, otherwise I don't bother.
    I generally have a black coffee with just the smallest bit of milk.
    I don't like hot milky drinks (I also have my tea black) definitely don't like sugar either! I have however tried coffee with a vanilla flavour, I liked that! also hazelnut...hmmm....not bad!! I figure you are never too old to try anything and if you love the smell and flavour why not.... oh! BTW instant coffee would not touch my lips LOL!!!!!!


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