Saturday, January 12, 2013


I was a good girl and spent all afternoon in the sewing room--
I had not even started sewing on last months Jo Morton quilt ---
When I got my notebook out with the pattern in it--
I realized that it made a 36 inch square quilt this month--
welllll--we all know--don't we--
that 'Di' likes small civil war quilts--
so here is mine--
a wee bit smaller--only 18" square --so far--
Here is the one in the book--
and here is a picture or two of a couple of my blocks up close--
I did cut out enough little squares to do the large one--so I have lots of squares left!!!
and then when I got this done--I thought I was mainly done--
but Nope--look at the pattern again!!!???
I see the first border is half square triangles!!
now who threw them in there??????
Have picked out a couple different combo's of fabrics for that part--
but time ran out for today!!!

So how is the flu in your area????
I read tonight on the news that for New York state we are in an state of emergency because of so many cases this week----
So I may stay home tomorrow--stay in and work!!!!!
we had a few cases here at the apartment building before Christmas--
but have heard that town is bad and the hospital on the hill is full--
so what to do?????

Have a great day tomorrow in whatever you do--
and be sure to add a few stitches in something for me!!!

Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. Your mini version is very nice. Good things come in small packages.

  2. I like to work small, too, and just love your version. Stay healthy! Did you get a flu shot?

  3. I like your mini version too, very cute. Please stay home and don't catch what is going around! xxx

  4. Love your little quilt! To escape the flu, guess you better stay in and make more quilts!

  5. Sweet little quilt. I've decided that I am going to stick to smaller quilts, table toppers, etc. instead of full size quilts. The bigger ones are just too much to handle now. Plus, if they are smaller they should be easier to finish, right? lol.

  6. How cute! I love the fabric you're using. Stay healthy. I think it would be a very good idea to stay home and just stich with Gracie.

  7. Hi Di. I really like your little quilt. The colors are beautiful.
    It is a good idea to stay inside. Hopefully, you can get lots of sewing done and stay away from the aweful stuff that is going around. It is really bad here, too. Lots of people have passed away from it.When I got my flu shot, they said it was only about 60% effective.So what is a person to do!
    Stay well and I hope you have a great day.

  8. Finally caught up with your blog again! I see that you have continued to be busy! I love your new Jo Morton quilt top, Eggs & Bacon, gorgeous fabrics!!! Great to get the updates of the kitties, they really are so delightful!! Hope you manage to escape the flu!!

  9. The top is lovely, Di!
    The flu is raging around here, too. I did get the flu shot before Christmas and so far I have been ok. Not easy to stay away from it all, but if you can stay at home it might be a good idea. Then you can sew some more :-)

  10. There's a whole lot more cases of the flu up here in Toronto too. Both my daughter's boyfriend and my husband had it. For them, it was short - about 2-3 days of the body aches and chills.


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