Monday, January 21, 2013


Ready or not--
Sooooo--what are all the quilter's, knitter's, and cross stitcher's going to do????

What you said you are going to go out and built a snowman???
Wrong answer!!!
Play outside and skate!!!???
Wrong answer!!!
Cause it is going to be way tooooo cold for that for the upper north eastern USA--

We get to stay inside and work--
on our projects--
Correct answer!!!

I did get some work done today--
after a bit of running around over town--
I had to go out to get my B-12 injection--
it was snowing here off and on--
at times beautiful big fluffy flakes--

I did make it on over to see Odie--he misses me!!! I hope!!!!
Some sights overtown--


the air was getting colder on the way home and I was only out and about for an hour or so!

And today I did 2 projects--
one was finishing off with the framing of 2 counted cross stitch projects-
you can see them on the other site--
and I worked on this project--
Now how did that little piece of paper get on there by the lambs leg????
Miss Gracie did you put that there????
Got a bit more on this done since the photo--
hope to finish it tomorrow along with another project or two--
as I do not plan to venture out--
though the chocolate stash is low-low--
and I haven't had any potato chips for over a weekkkkkk???????

Well--for all of those who are in this winter storms path--do stay in--
the wind chill during the day is going to put the temps below -0---
be careful if you do have to go out--I want you all--old or new to stay safe!
And please think of the birds and toss them some seeds--thank you!
Hugs, love, Di and miss gracie


  1. Even here where it is warm and supposedly too hot to stitch there is always a shady spot (or one under a fan) to settle down in for a wee stitch!! Keep warm and safe - don't get tempted by sneaking out for chocolate!! LOVE your beautiful sheep!!!

  2. Hope you manage to stay warm x

  3. Hi Di. Oh My. I am glad I live down South! It is cold and windy here, but not that bad! Stay warm and take care.

  4. Cute little sheep--stitching them should keep you warm. Love the snow pics!

  5. Pretty sheep! Hope you stay warm and snug. Minus 18 here today, even the dogs didn't fancy going out :-)
    You go out, visit kitties and still get lots done - I think I use too much time "planning". Better go do something ...

  6. Keep warm by staying busy stitching..
    Lovely sheep.

  7. Not just the birds but those little squirrels too. I stayed in all day yesterday. I sewed and will continue on to finish a few things and start one new project.

  8. Ah, there is nothing like staying in a warm house while it is cold outside and doing some handwork :) Stay warm and get lots done! xxx

  9. It does look awful cold from those photos!! Icy even!!! Glad your day out was uneventful and that you made it back safely! How nice to be able to snuggle up with your stitching!!!


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