Saturday, January 26, 2013


another day!!!
I had to get outside--
don't know what is happening to me--
I used to be such a 'house plant'--as my Mom used to call me!!!
I could stay inside for days at a time, and it not bother me???

The weather was not 'frightful' here today--
though it was only 26 degrees out--
so was the sun, pretty much--
so this afternoon, I dressed warm and off I went!!!
I bet you can all 'guess' just where I went???

went to the quilt shop--
I  decided to join the paint chip challenge--
and had gotten my 'chip' a week or so ago--
so went to see what I could find--
cause you know--even with all my stash--
nothing matched!!!!
and I was happy to say that I was able to match these 3 up perfectly--
the one is from the solids--the next blue is a new line Sue just got in and comes in different colors--
the 3rd one, almost gone, but I only need a little for what I want to make--
Ahhh--that is I think that is all I will need--
I have no idea yet where I am going with this????
Oh--OK--you can stop 'shaking' your heads now!!!

and of course I stopped at the yarn shop--
and it wasn't to buy yarn!!!
I can not get over how fast 'Odie" is growing--
and he is getting a darker steel grey along with it--
but he is still my loving kitty--
and 'yes' I finally broke down and did the paperwork on him,
 to adopt him--
now sure that Pam will be really happy--
cause if the adoption goes through--I need to bring him home!!!!

 I spent the afternoon working on cutting 'hexie' blocks and filling up that box--
See all kinds of fussy cut ones!!!

and I have started another 'wool' project--
and I am working on hand quilting both of these two quilts--
Sooo--I have been busy the last two days--
that is--except for 'goofing' off this afternoon,
running around overtown!!!

So what have you been doing this week end???
Hugs, Di and miss gracie and maybe--Odie??


  1. Hi Di. Congratulations on getting the papers signed on Odie. I am sure everything will work out and you all will be one happy family.
    I know what you mean about having to get out of the house. You just need that breath of fresh air.I'm Glad you had a good time.
    Although we had ice on the ground yesterday, it was really nice today. The sun came out, the ice melted, and it got up in the 50's.It was a great day.
    Well-I've got to go so have a great night!

  2. We had the same weather today! Topped out at about 27 degrees, and had sunshine for awhile. Tell me more about your paint chip challenge. Sounds like you had a perfectly lovely Saturday. When is aodie coming home?

  3. You look like you have lots to keep you busy but a break at the shops is always good. Hugs.....

  4. You've certainly been busy at home but sometimes we just need a little going out specially if quilt shops are involved.
    Love your wool project. i've been thinking about doing one but wool is hard to find and very expensive here so I will have to wait.
    Have a wonderful week.

  5. I am overjoyed that you decided to make Odie your little man around the house wooohooo!!!!!!
    I'm so excited for you and the little fellow, I just knew you fell in love with him.....just knew.....
    I'll settle back down on my chair now LOL!!!!
    When I'm on holiday and have some time off, I just love the fact that I don't have to go anywhere for days, I just love being at home, if I didn't have to go out for groceries I'd quite happily stay at home for ages, never get bored, always so much to do! I've had two weeks off - Long Service Leave - and on Tuesday I'm back at work, what a shock to the system that will be and my little furry ones will miss their big Mumma cat, who has to go back to work just to keep them critters up to the standards they are used to!!!
    We're getting a lot of rain from a cyclone that hit North Queensland, just glad I don't have to venture out for another day when things should have settled down!!!
    I have spent some time in the sewing room over the past couple of weeks, now have some handquilting ahead of me!!!!

  6. You are such a whirlwind! Seems like our really cold weather has let go for a while.
    looking forward t seeing what you make with the new fabrics - is there something on the end of that leash?
    Glad you enjoyed your outing ;-)

  7. Nothing wrong with houseplants. The make everything look pretty! Looks like you have enough project boxes to keep you inside anyway. Your colors match really well. Have fun with them.

  8. And let me ask: When did you sleep? LOL


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