Friday, January 4, 2013


first I did a hexie flower this morning--
I can do them on Fridays --can't I???
and yes the cross stitching was getting to me--
realized later last night that I have done a lot of cross stitching since Nov..
and I want to sew--so--I'm gonna--
first I knew that I needed to go see the 'fur' balls--
so off I went--
Sky will be going back to her new home--probably sometime over the week end--
I love this kitten soooo much--but---
and then here is my Odie--

and now when I say 'my' Odie I mean "my-Odie"!!!!

Pam and I shook hands today on the fact that he will stay at the yarn shop for now
but that he will eventually come home here to live with me and Miss Gracie--
now I am not sure how this is gonna go over with miss gracie--but----
I love this cat too--I have been with Sky and Odie since they were 6 days old!!
after lots of play time and lunch with Pam and Sue at the yarn shop--
I did go to the Quilt shop--
and I came out with a bag full of great bargains--
are you ready??
Sue at the quilt shop has had some wool felt on sale for 50% off--the reg price was $25.00 a yard!!!!!
it is real wide!

this big pile came home--there is a big big fold of dark dark blue on the bottom, then that pretty red, and then a half yard of gold and half yard of a real orange!!!
then I checked out her sale room and found  2 great bargains there--

Got 2 yards of this one for --just $2.00 a yard--reg. $10 a yard!!!!
and nearly 5 yards of this one--again at $2.00 a yard--reg. $10 a yard!!!
So--I spend alot of money--$70--but I saved way more than that--
and that is why we shop--to spend money --so we can say we 'saved' money--
This afternoon I did the grocery shopping so that tomorrow--
I can sew---sew---sew!!!!!
the Red Home book came in the mail today--
so I can do Jan. project for the Chookyblue's sal--

Soooo--what did you do today???
remember I have a contest going for the month of January--
whoever leaves me the most comments during the month --
there is a "gift' just waiting to go to your house--will it be you?????

Hugs, love, Di, miss gracie, and Odie


  1. Awe...your hexagon and your snowman look so cute together! :0)

  2. Wow - a kitten and fabric and wool. I call that a Red-letter Day. Woohoo!

  3. Your bargains look great! And I would keep Odie too.. really... if I could...and Sky... and any other kittie that I could! xxx

  4. Oh, those cute kitties! I hope Odie and miss Gracie get along. He does have a cute face :-)
    Nice shopping day Di.

  5. You got some great bargains! Isn't it fun to find good deals? I love your little kitties. I'm sure miss gracie will be accepting. She'll probably love having someone to play with. Have fun with your sewing. Nola

  6. Great shopping! Good luck with the start of the new SAL:-)

  7. Love the fabrics and what a bargain! Wish I could find some deals like that.
    I have started making hexes, but I haven't a clue as to how I want to put them all together.Any sugestions?

  8. You did great with your bargains, that should set you off well for the new year, well done!
    I was heartened when I read you have decided to take one of the kitties, I just knew that with all the time you've been spending with them lately one of them would steal your heart!!! What a lucky little fellow, I sure do hope Miss Gracie will be gracious and accepting of this dear little life you have decided to provide for - I also hope that the other little tabby will find a loving and safe home, they are all so deserving!!!!!

  9. Sooooooooooooooooo glad Odie is going home with you. Yay, yay, Ya!!!! Well done on the sale items.
    Course I would have nabbed that purple too.
    Have fun sewing up a storm.

  10. so pleased the book how many thread catchers have you made???

  11. Those little kitties are so cute. Good luck with your sal. I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun.


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