Thursday, January 24, 2013


I think yesterday was just a 'slow' brain day--
we do all have them don't we--
please say 'yes'!!!!
Here is the four centers--
I did the main cutting last night--once I figured out the sizes to cut--
Got 3 done before lunch and the 4th one after--
so should I stop now--
or keep going--?????
Guess I will cut more pieces and see from there---
What's this????
Ahh--me thinks that 'Di' keep going--
and see now she has another finished top!!!
These 2 fabrics--
Have been in the bag with the pattern almost from the first day the pattern arrived in my mail box--
It is hard to see, but there is 'teal' in the fern leaves and it is sooo pretty--
and that is what I based this little quilt on--red and teal--
So now we are on to #3--that one has some applique in the center, so should be fun to make too!
I may use a different era of fabrics on the next one--
time will telllllll????

And another wool/felt project is all done--
The original pattern had black stars for the top where my 3 gold ones are--
but stars are suppose to be gold--right???
but now I wonder if I should of left them black????
tooo late baby!!!!

And I actually got a good picture of the 'House Boss' today--
She is hard to take pictures of--and have them come out nice--
but this one is perfect, me thinks????

Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. All of your photos are wonderful today, including the kitty! I'll bet she is as much help as my grandkitties!

  2. I love your blocks and the colors you chose. The pictures really show them nicely. Cute picture of miss gracie. She really is a pretty cat.

  3. Hi Di. Your quilt is beautiful.
    The girls are right. All your pictures look really nice tonight. They seem brighter and clearer.Even Miss Gracie looks like I could reach out and pet her.Did you do something different?
    Today was so cold you couldn't go outside for the wind. It even felt like it was blowing in the house.We are supposed to have ice in the morning. They have already closed the schools just in case.Oh well. I guess we will see.
    Have you got something planned to do tomorrow? It is too cold to go in my sewing room so I don't know what I am going to do yet. I am tired of doing hexies.Maybe I will finish a small quilt that I made last year.
    Hope you have a great and warm night! Take care.

  4. Lovely picture of Miss Gracie! Xx

  5. I can't believe you had a slow day of any kind :-)
    Lovely top!

  6. Hi Di. I just had to tell you. Every since I found your blog, I have "dropped" by 3 to 4 times a week to see what you have been doing. I love your blog. I love all the clip art that you put on there and I love the way you "talk". It is like having a friend come over to your house to visit. But, as many times as I have been here, I didn't know that you had a place where we could sign up to follow you.(Some blogs don't) Last night, I was checking out the blogs that you follow, and for some reason, I just kept scrolling on down. Imagine my surprise when I found the Google Friend Connect button!Well! Now I follow you and I don't even have to track you down. LOL Have a great day1

  7. Well done with getting those little star blocks completed and the flimsy done!! It has turned out very well!!! The 'sheep' project has finished up nicely, I think the yellow stars look just fine!! Stay warm you two!!! How's Odie?


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