Friday, January 18, 2013


It has been an interesting day today--
But it get off to a nice start--
as I got this finished this morning--
It seemed that this took a long time to hand quilt--
but it was just cause I was working on other things too!!!!

Wool story--
I was working on this project until yesterday--
when it 'hit' me--that this really does not have alot of wool to it--
and it could be worked on when it gets warmer out--

as I have some wool projects that are all wool--
so went and found the plastic box that has the wool projects prepped in it--

and looked them all over and finally decided to work on this one--

and if you look to the felt under the pattern you will see that I found the purple felt/wool piece as in the photo--now I had originally set a dark blue piece away with this--but???
and I have gotten some done on it--

and "some" done on alot of projects in bits and pieces--
maybe some day I will pick up one project and just work on it until it is done--
but don't count on that???????

I did get 'brave' and go out in the cold today--
when it is under 32 degrees F I don't usually go out for health reasons--
especially  to walk--but I needn't to 'freeze' off some 'steam' today!!!!
I went to the laundry room to do a load of towels today--
and I always take some hand work as I stay with the laundry until it is finished!!!
to day I took a clear vinyl bag with some knitting and my plastic box with some hexie work in it--
in the last 15 minutes of the towels drying I did pop downstairs for the mail and did talk to a gal
down there for about 10 minutes--
when I came back up to the top of the stairs there was my hexie box--
out of the vinyl bag and open and upside down--
and I discovered that someone stole--
yep===stole my little pink scissors out of the box!!!!!
So to feel better I went out in the cold and went over and cuddled with Odie!!!!!!
and he was in a big cuddling mood--so I feel better!
Thanks for listening!!!!

So who has some big plans for the week end????
Have some fun and don't forget to get a few stitches in here and there!!!!

Hugs, love, Di and her four legged 'kids'!!!


  1. Your quilt looks great! I love that sheep pattern too! :0)

  2. Oh Di. I don't blame you for being mad?-upset about your scissors getting stolen. I would be too. But I am very happy that they didn't take all of your things.Why do people steal anyway?I worked in a sewing plant and to keep others from taking mine, I scratched my name in the blade. It can't be erased so if they used them, you could tell they were yours.
    It was very warm here today. They said we were going to get 3 inches of snow last night, but THAT didn't happen.It rained all day yesterday. Then it stopped and the wind came up. It got down to the 20's last night so there was ice on the ground when I got up. By lunch time it was up in the high 50's with LOTS of sunshine.A little snow would have been nice.
    Your quilt is very pretty.You amaze me with all the things you get done every day.I wish I had some of your energy!Want to share your secret?
    Have a great night!

  3. Oh no! Why are people so mean? I love your little quilt. And "m glad Odie got some extra cuddling today. I do have my weekend planned to get in every stitch that I can!

  4. What a miserable act! I just hope they need those scissors more than you did.......
    Glad nothing else was missing!! Your little Christmas quilt is just delightful, I just love that range and made a small Christmas quilt myself with it.
    So pleased to hear Odie worked his magic on you, I think you two are meant to be togther and make three all up......I'm hoping so.....Take care Di!!!!!

  5. Love the quilt - my kind of colours :-)
    Imagine stealing your scissors! Unbelievable! Glad Odie had a soothing effect :-)
    Wool finish!! Pictures soon on blog!

  6. I'm sorry about your sissors Di, that is just terrible! You can't leave anything anywhere for any amount of time anymore...glad you're getting bits and pieces done, here and there..

  7. Can't believe someone would take your scissors, Grrr....
    Love the quilt..

  8. Sorry about some low down taking your scissors! Glad Odie made ya feel better. I do plan to stitch. Have a quilt I am working on. your projects are sweet!

  9. Too bad about your scissors :-( I can certainly see why you'd be upset! Why do people do things like that? On a happier note, your hand quilting is beautiful :-)

  10. Am really sorry about your scissors Di but i really liked your quilt very much
    maria ♥

  11. Oh I love your quilt! And am so impressed that you hand quilt so much... I started a little wallhanging and wonder if it will ever get done... xxx

  12. Hand quilting does take time but the rewards are worth it. The pattern that pops up once a quilt is quilted is such a joy to see. I'm glad you got to hug Odie.


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