Wednesday, January 23, 2013


It is Hexie Wednesday--
and I have started a new hexie quilt--
this one is because I am sooo jealous of some of you out there that have been doing beautiful 'fussy' cut hexies --
while I kept working with the same fabric line for the last 2 years--
so here goes--
Here is my first one--this one is made with the new Easter fabrics I just bought--
I do confess that I did just buy this fabric at my local quilt shop for this one and the next one--
I am a big snoopy dog fan--and that yellow bird tickles me!!!!
And you knew there had to be  a cat, in the mix didn't you????
Have more cats for future ones too--
the cats came from my stash!!!!
so that is 4 == one for each week this year so far!!

Ok--today was also a 'frustration' kind of day--
this is the pattern that I had hoped to have started and finished the top for--today!!!
I got a series of '6' of these patterns 2 years ago and only got the first one done--
so many times I have wanted to do the rest of them--
so here is #2--
piece of cake right???
not today and not for me today--
here is the first -- attempt--
Ahhh--Di I don't see anything wrong with this one!!!
Well--it is 5" square instead of 4 1/2"--
so after lunch it was back into the sewing room--
attempt #2--
this one is the right size--but--
I did the center wrong--
at first I was going to just do all 4 of them this way--
but once I took a moment and looked at the pattern and the #1 block--
I do like that design better for this quilt--
I do have enough pieces cut for 3 of the right blocks--I hope!!!
Luckily I had only cut the fabric for one block at a time to begin with!!

It was getting to be late afternoon at this point and I heard my rocking chair calling my name--
so made meself a cup of hot tea and got into the rocker to work on the wool project--
Can't say that that was smooth sailing either----
Can you see what is wrong in this picture????
Does this look better?????
and I did get more done on this project--it is nearly finished--
and I had some help this afternoon on this one--
a big big cat tail was swishing back and forth in front of my face while I am trying to stitch--
but she was keeping my lap warm--sooooo??????

These are my stories for today/tonight!!!
Do keep warm or cool where you are at --
and keep stitching!!!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie


  1. okay these are adorable! I have some Charlie Brown easter fabric that would be great being fussy cut.

  2. OMG they are all gorgeous. won't be long and you will have 100s

  3. Hi Di. OH I so LOVE the new hexie flowers! They are so adorable especially Snoopy.(Got to make some cute bear ones for me). I was looking for a pattern today for a friend and I found a new pattern for a hexie quilt that I really liked. But it is hard to describe how it is made. I am thinking that I may try this one instead of the one that I had originally picked out.
    I didn't get any sewing done today though. I just wasn't in the mood so I cut out some more hexie templates. Now I have enough to do for a while.
    You really got a lot done even though you made some blocks over. The first one was very pretty and would work out if you could get the rest of them to turn out that size.
    Stay warm and take care.

  4. Your little hexies are VERY cute!!! I remember doing that American Schoolgirl Club quilt, yes the centre is a bit fiddley, but the results are great!! I look forward to seeing your finished 'little' quilt!!
    At least your stitchery spelling mistake was easy to correct LOL!!!

  5. Your hexies are gorgeous. When I do pinwheel blocks I have to keep checking the pattern to make sure I have it right. Hugs....

  6. Love the hexies - it will be a really fun quilt!
    Ok, so I sat and looked and looked at your 2nd block and still can't see the mistake? Pretty block!
    Glad ms Gracie is keeping you warm :-)

  7. Just one of those days, huh? Love those hexies!

  8. How cute!!!! Love the new hexies. Course I think the flowery ones are awesome too. I hope you are having better luck with the blocks today!


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