Tuesday, January 8, 2013


When I went to see Odie today --
thinking he would now be the only cat at the Yarn shop--
he had company--
Seneca had stopped by to spend the afternoon and evening with him--
and that Seneca is one 'tough' cookie--
He was constantly chasing and wrestling with Odie--
and he seemed to hurt Odie at times--
so Odie would try to get away from him--
Even hiding in Seneca's cat carrier!!!
but then he'd be out and the two would be at it again--
guess kittens will be kittens!!!!
they both liked the new toy I took Odie--
Seneca goes to the Clinic in the morning early to be 'fixed' so he can't make any babies!!!
Odie was there last month!!! Seneca's new mom will pick him up tomorrow night from the clinic!!

I have a finish--
A doll sized Christmas quilt--
this is made from the cut off parts to snowball blocks--
and I sewed them to use as leaders and enders--then sewed them together--
and this is the size I ended up with--
and here is the back side!!

and I was able to find time late this afternoon to finish my winter look--
I added the quilts to the chairs and I just was not ready to put these two rag dolls away--
so they are still out--
and I added these 2 decorations to the bottom of the garland!!!
Here is the country cupboard--
with the rest of my snowmen collection--decided to leave the truck pillow out too!!
and here is the two small chairs--
Do you see the lace snowmen panels at the back of the chairs???
I have had them for 3 winters now--have 3 sets of them--they were suppose to go on the front 3 windows--but it is too much work for this little old lady to do for only a month--so they have set in the totes--then today--I got the brain storm of using one pair on the backs of the chairs--
really is cute!!!!

Well--time for me to get back to work--
on something???????
You all be good and keep stitching!!!
Has anyone finished a wool project yet?????
Hugs, love, Diane and miss gracie


  1. Hi Di. WOW! you are so creative! Everything looks so pretty in your house.And you did it so fast. It would take me at least a week to do as much as you did.It looks really good.
    I like your doll quilt, too. And the fabric on the back is gorgeous.
    Hope you have a great night!

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  3. I've thought about a wool project. Does that count for anything? I hate when kittens fight, because I'm so worried one will get hurt. But I guess they just have to work it out. Love all your decorating!!

  4. Your snowman collection looks like a lot of fun. Kitties are so cute.

  5. All the decorations look so cute. The curtains on the chair look really good. I like the action shots of the kitties--who needs video??? The wool kit is on the table ready for my very first attempt. Fingers crossed!

  6. Lovely decorating - again! I have to be careful with what I have "on show", because Tiffi steals things she wants to play with. We had a few incidents at Christmas, anything red catches her eye and then it's a race to hide it :-)
    When are Odie and Miss Gracie going to meet?

  7. Everything looks wonderful!So nice and cozy! Those kitties are full of energy! So when does Odie get to come home? Does washing and cutting wool skirts up count??? ;-) Taking down Christmas here. Looks so lonely now. Got to get stuff put back! Stay warm!xo Lola

  8. Seneca is a really beautiful cat! Love his coloring.. your Christmas quilt is very cute and the snowmen panels look great there! xxx

  9. Hi Di. I know today is one flower Wednesday. Since I have been working on hexes and making flowers, i thought that I would look at some quilts to see how I want to put mine together. I found some georgeous quilts on Pinterest. And I found the one I want to make mine like. I also found one that looks like stars. I would love to make that one!Have you decided how to make yours?


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