Wednesday, January 9, 2013


It was Wednesday--well, actually still is--
for a couple more hours!!!
and Wednesday's in 2012 was Hexie flower day--
so that is one of the things that I worked on today!!
Here is the last 3 that I have prepped the hexies for--
so now I have--
76 hexie flowers--
So now the really big question is how to finish these into a quilt--
do you see the solid colored fabric that is under the '3' I did today--
that may be for some single hexies that will go inbetween some some of the flowers--
if I can find the picture I seen of them done that way???????

I also got January's Sal done with Chooky--
Ahhhh--here is the first one--
Ahhh--Diane you have a problem here-
this is flat and is suppose to be a 3-D basket style!!!!
I got so excited about using this ruler--
to mark the corners on the catchers that I forgot to 'fold' the hems across the bottom--
I have done this folded corner many times on bags and totes and such--
but I have usually just 'eye balled' the amount for each one--
then they showed in the Red Home book how to use a ruler for marking--
welll--what can I say???
but I did end up doing 3 more--
the correct way--and I do like using the ruler--easy!!!
Oh and yes yes yes--these can be very addicting--matching up cute fabrics to make them is the funnest part though!!!!
and guess what---no calories!!!!
So I am very happy to say that I have one finish for a new monthly sal done--!!!!
Or where we do make a couple dozen of these????

I did go for my afternoon walk in the sunshine today--
and yes, went to see how Mr. Odie is making out--
he ended up having Monty come and spend the night with him and Seneca too!!
I bet the three of them had a ball--
they said that Odie had been resting most of the day!!!
He did come and we cuddled for awhile--he is such a sweet kittie--
So how is your week going????
we are in the middle of a January thaw, here, as my mother would say--
it was 52 degrees and sunny here today !!
be good stay safe--
Hugs, Diane and fur balls!!!!


  1. Love your bags for SAL. Enjoy reading your stories about the cats. They have such personalities. Mine certainly does. Hugs....

  2. Just love the fabrics you are using for your flowers Di,
    and your basket are just the cutest ever.. More gorgeous fabrics..
    We have just got over a heat wave here down under.. Pleased to say it is cooler today..

  3. Hi Di. It was very warm here today, too. We had temps in the 60's.Makes me think of Spring already.
    The kitties are adorable. The black and white one looks like one that is around my house, but she is wild. Someone set her out and she ran into the woods.We only see her now and then. But I put food out for her every day. She comes up late in the evenings and I see her eat her food sometimes so I know that she doesn't go hungry.
    I love those baskets. They would be cute in my sewing room to keep odd things in.
    Have a good night!

  4. Your catchers are sooooo cute!! Speedy!! What are your plans for all of those gorgeous hexie flowers? It is going to be so cool whatever you do.

  5. Lovely hexie-flowers....I like that fabric you have picked out for your singles. And your thread catchers/baskets are great - I've done that sort of thing before too!! Oh those kittens continue to be the cutest little critters!!

  6. You have been busy. Nice going on the thread catchers. I will never make a hand sewn hexagon quilt. Way too much work.

  7. Pretty hexies and the thread catchers look great!
    Still cold here, just right for working with wool .... :-)
    Have a fun day! Hugs.

  8. Pretty girly hexies. Will b a cute project. You will be all set catching threads now! with as much as you get done they will be full in no time!Such sweet kitties!Think Odie loves the camera! New Di model! We were very warm here! Still doing Christmas Demo here.

  9. Love the solid color with the hexies. Perfect!

  10. I need to keep working on my hexies... I also like the color you chose for the background and love the thread catchers! xxx


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