Tuesday, January 29, 2013


first I have to take some clothes off--
too hot--take the sweater and socks off--
an hour later it is too cold--

Gotta put more clothes on!!

this goes on for me all day it seems--
putting clothes on--taking them off --putting more back on--

no wonder I don't get anything done at the end of the say!!!!!!!lol

I did have a good time with my friend Anne this morning--
we both quilted for awhile and then went to Walmart--
and out to lunch at Arby's for the new fish sandwich!!

This afternoon I did get some small projects finished and that is always a good feeling--
First I got the Christmas ornament finished for January-

and then in picking up some things in the sewing room
I found 2 needle punch projects that I had not finished off--
and at the same time--
an idea formed as to how to finish them off-
so that is what I did-

I am happy to have these done--
now I want to do some more??????

Still no word on when I can get Odie!!!
Did call and check on him today and of course he is fine!!!
some how I will get over to see him tomorrow--
it rained hard here this afternoon-

and is suppose to rain all day tomorrow--
but then--
beware--cause the weather is to change again during the night!!!

to very cold and ice and snow for the next few days!!!
after all it is winter--right????

Hope everyone stays safe warm, dry--
and keep stitching--
you have 2 days left til the end of January to finish those January commits--
think mine are all done???
Hugs,Di and miss gracie


  1. I wish I could be cold! Always hot for me. I melt at work all day. I've done pretty well with my Jan. commitments. I've started a wool project, and will finish it in Feb. I might get a second woolie done too, but had to special order some wool. Say hi to Odie for me! And Miss gracie, too.

  2. Sounds like your thermostat is playing up and it's not the one in the basement LOL!!!! I know sometimes that happens to me, but I know its what I should expect at times at this time in my life LOL!!!! Wish I could have a bit of your cool weather, just for about a day or two, after what we're experiencing down here, very hot days, muggy and a cyclone that just went through the eastern seaboard. We were lucky here, but now we are dealing with flooded areas, so I have to take the long way into town/work until the water goes down!!
    Hope you get Odie very soon!!!!

  3. Your Christmas ornaments are cute! We have just had another load of snow and my shoulder aches from clearing the driveway! So not much sewing at the moment. I wonder what Miss Gracie will make of her new "brother" :-)

  4. Hi Di. your projects are so pretty, especially the Christmas ornament.I really like it.
    i had to wear my sweater all day yesterday so I'm glad you got warm enough to take yours off. Today is a scarry day. It is raining and the wind is getting up. We are supposed to have bad thunderstorms and tornadoes.I hate the lightning! That is what scares me. They have been talking about the weather all morning on T.V. so It must be getting really bad.
    Going now. Take care and I hope you have a wonderful day.

  5. It is 76 degrees outside here. Someone forgot to tell the weather it was January. All of your little projects are adorable.


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