Monday, January 14, 2013


As I sat here last night and kept looking at the civil war quilt--
I realized something--
I do not like half sq triangles in a row in a border!!!!
I just don't!!!!
so today I hit the sewing room and did, me, own thing again!!
I tried out lots of the golds for that inner border--
nothing 'sang' to me--then decided maybe a red one would--
and I thought I had a music station going on in my sewing room--
the music got so loud when I set this red one along the side--
so off to measure and sew it on--
then the outer borders--
when one is mostly using fat quarters--it is hard to get outside borders long enough--
hence--the corner squares--

Yep--dollies like it now too!!!!

It was a pretty day here today--
chilly--only mid 40's--but sunny--
so went for a walk--
happened that I walked over to my little garden for a peak--
and look at what was blooming???

a viola--how pretty --though hard to get a picture of it!!

then I went and seen and cuddled with Odie a while--
and here I need some prayers--
Pam and I have both noticed how much Odie loves kids--
he will play and play with them--
and he will even curl up in their laps and take a nap--

maybe our Odie needs a family with a child or children--
so would you please pray that we find just the right family for Odie--
He such a loving and wonderful kitty and I want only the best for him!!

I also found this little area by a small house on the way home--
and thought it really sweet--

I love this sink with the pine branches in it--
and in the summer time--flowers will probably be here--

and look at this door--just a tree painted at one end==
so simple everything is in this area--
yet just so pretty and peaceful looking--

Ok--that's all for tonight--
time to get back to work!!!
be good and don't get the flu--
stay warm or cool--and---
stitch stitch stitch!!!!!

And miss gracie---


  1. Hello Di. I can't believe that you found a flower today. That is so cool. Maybe it is ready for Spring. I know that I am. How about you?
    I love your quilt! It is sooo pretty, even without the HST'S. In fact, I think it looks better without them. It looks very *country*.
    I am sorry that you are giving up the kitty.I know that you have enjoyed playing with it and love being with it. But I know that the right family will love it and enjoy it also. It will make some child very happy.
    Hope you have a great night!

  2. LOL! I didn't leave a comment last night, because I didn't like the gold triangles, and couldn't think of anything constructive to say. I LOVE the way you finished it.

  3. I think the quilt looks nice! And the dolls seem very happy. Great photos--love the doors. My sad little viola that never got planted last year came back to life too. Hardly little things.

  4. Good for you for finding a solution to your borders. I'm not too keen on hst all in a row either. Love the sink flower pot idea.

  5. The Doll quilt has turned out very well, love the border you chose, well done on getting the flimsy finished!
    I will indeed pray that precious little Odie finds the loving and safe home he so deserves. I know you love him, and I thought maybe you were going to keep him....I was hoping........
    I've just heard about this dreadful flu on the news this evening and they say it'll be heading our way in a few months, we are advised to get the flu shot this year because they say it's a bad one, quite a few deaths already up your way. Stay safe and well Di, big hug to Miss Gracie!!!

  6. Good Morning Di! Oh yes, that red is singing, and it's a lovely, happy tune. So very, very pretty. So much happier than the gold triangles. I do pray for little Odie to find a home. Doesn't he have the cutest face?

  7. I totally agree with the changes you have done! Much better!

  8. Your quilt turned out very sweet, well done for being brave and changing things. I'm afraid I tend to follow the instructions too much! Hope you work something out with Odie... I am sure he will be happy with you too though! xxx


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