Sunday, February 10, 2013


and did the tally for last month's contest!!!
You do remember what it was don't you????
and I bet you thought I had forgotten!!!!

well--it was for--
who commented the most all month--
and here we go--
there is '3' winners--
I have '2' number one winners--
there was 29 posts written in January--
drum rrrrrrrrollll please---

 ~~~~~Joyce Carter --no blogsite   ~~~~and~~~

~~~~~Anne-lise from Rag, Tag and Bobtails in Norway-
each did 29 comments--way to go gals--

and # 3--
~~~~~is Alice from--Alice in Quilterland
and did 24 comments--

 Some of the other high numbers are--
Joy from--(22) Days filled with Joy
Sunny from--(20) Quilting Dreams
Merilyn from--(20) Quilt Minstrel

and I had a total of 40 different gals who left me comments during the month--
so I am very pleased--
and I guess--miss gracie says--that I have to continue blogging!!!!!:-)

In my book everyone is a winner--
so keep leaving comments and keep reading--

Tomorrow I will try to announce this months contest--
(gotta come up with one first?????:-)

Back to work--
today I did get alot of prep work done--

Got the hourglass blocks all squared up and the other 2 1/2" blocks all cut for the doll quilt--
got the cutting done for the SAL with Terry--
now I have to get the first row stitched together---
and got this traced--

and started for Chookyblues SAL for this month--
but then Miss Gracie convinced me it was 'nap' time!!!
Be good and stay safe tomorrow--
Hugs, Di and the slave driver--miss gracie


  1. Of course you must keep blogging - look for your post every morning with my coffee :-)
    I bet miss Gracie would like to help you sort all those little squares!
    And it's snowing again!!
    Have a fun day!

  2. Good Morning Di.Please do keep posting those blogs. I love seeing them and reading about what you are doing. My Goodness! After reading about all the things you did yesterday, I think I need a nap. If I only had half of your energy! Ummm--I Wonder--maybe Miss Gracie does a lot of it while you are sleeping. Could it be? Have a great day!

  3. Shame on me, I will do better next month. Blame it on being sick!!! Of course you must keep blogging--I need the motivation and the kitty pictures!!!

  4. Don't even think of not blogging LOL! Di....would miss you and all your wonderful projects, you are an inspiration! And all the lovely little tales of life, kitty stuff, and Miss Gracie!!!! Really would miss all that!!!


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