Thursday, February 14, 2013


decorate for Valentines day??????
the whole month of February is heart month right--
and red--right??????
I did manage to do a bit --
and yes--2 of the heart boxes have not been opened--
haven't decided it they will still be gifts--
or if I will just give the chocolate away and keep the little boxes????
I love this little red bear--
the heart lollipops where a gift couple years ago--
as are the 3 crocheted hearts on ribbon--
My country cabinet is a bit decorated for now---????
and this quilt that I just finished is still where it got set --
but looks nice there-soooo!!!
And my red and white yo-yo quilt is on the back of my office chair--so get to enjoy it!!
and this little pillow I keep out most all the time--
this side is velvet with the doves and hearts--
the other side has an embroidered angel on it.

And yes I did some of the domestics chores done to day--
then this afternoon I became a laundress--as she is on that same ship!!!!
and while I was doing that job I did get 2 more hexie flowers sewed together--
anyone want a 'funky' chicken????

So Happy Valentines day--
be good to your 'heart' all month--
hugs, di and miss gracie


  1. Happy Valentines!! And happy chocolate time!! Your redness is so pretty... and your funky hexi-flowers are great!!

  2. Your Valentine's decoratons are lovely, and I love your yo-yo's piece!!!

  3. your hexies are really fun!
    Your place must be so lovely with all your decorations. :-)
    Happy weekend!

  4. Hi Di.Your yo-yo quilt is lovely. I like making yo-yo's, don't you? But for some reason I haven't made any for a while.The last time I made them, I was making clowns and they were the body.
    Yesterday was nice, but it was a rush-rush kind of day so I didn't get anything done.Today was better, but it is so cold I don't want to do anything. I am SO READY for Spring.
    I hope you and Miss Gracie are feeling well and staying warm. Ya'll have a great weekend.


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